Building Engineer Training. Simplified.

Dedicated to breaking down engineering concepts and more, into easy to understand ideas. Basic building engineer training for us, written by us.

Not just engineering stuff but everything.  Projects, issues, gripes, all with some very dry and sarcastic humor.

Calling all:

  • Building Engineers, Stationary Engineers, DIY People, Operating Engineers, Boiler Operators
Building Engineer Training

Pumps for a condenser water system.

This building engineer training site is purposely written for a wide range of people – we will all hopefully gain and share some knowledge, but homeowners, do it yourself enthusiasts, and even hobbyists and rookies all have stuff to share and learn I’m sure. I don’t believe another training site like this one exists.

  • Free Building Engineer Training – not all tech talk.
  • Tool Reviews
  • Procedures & Policies
  • Blog Posts

Where Should You Start?

Look across the top of the screen, right above the tagline building engineer, do you see the tabs? Those are on every page, use them (some are drop down menus) or click the tagline to return here to the home page.You can also use the sidebar to navigate around.

There’s a training section, where you can go in order of engineering fundamentals by module number or you can jump to individual sections like boilers or pumps.

In the tool reviews section, there are several tools I’ve looked at and used over the years.  Hey, a guy has to try and monetize the site somehow yeah?  Some I really do use and appreciate, you’ll be able to tell in the posts ha ha.

There is a blog section – where maybe some unrelated to engineering things go, like my kitchen project.  Or yours…

You should be able to learn more about me by clicking here.

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I hope you take the time to participate, especially if you benefit in any way from the information here.  It’s pretty rewarding to see a comment every now and then.  Keep learning and trying to get better.

Who Runs Building Engineer Training?

I do. As a former nuke submarine sailor, things were done a certain way.  Not necessarily always by the book but the right way.  When I got out way back, the net was just starting and I got into the same engineering stuff outside in the civilian world that I had done before.

From a lowly maintenance engineer learning the ropes to a stationary engineer, then to an assistant chief engineer, and then a facility manager.

You know what has never existed online before now?  A regular building engineer training site dedicated to building engineering and people who like to understand how things work, why they do, and how to fix their own stuff.  The main goal at first was to try and provide one central resource where mainly building engineers, or stationary engineers could come and pick up and share some knowledge.

And Finally…

You didn’t accidentally come across this awesome building engineer training site did you? You did? Are you reading all of this and thinking, what exactly is a building engineer? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a post on that topic too.

Click here to answer the question – what is a building engineer?


  • i am Korean and building engineer

    i want to join this site

    i have many questions
    but, i write difficultly in english

    would you favor me in english?

    anyway thank you join your site

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