Welcome New Members Woo Hoo!

Yes indeed, everyone read that right. The site has had two new members join in the last couple of days which is awesome. There isn’t going to be much to this blog post, maybe a more personal, regular one rather than some type of training. I feel like I have been churning out some posts at a decent rate but today I don’t necessarily feel like thinking ha ha. Just feel like writing. Barely.

I know I will go over at least two items. I have come to a decision on the date for giving away the multimeter and then a quick plea for some help from you people, if you feel like it. Then maybe any other rant I may have at the end if I’m not tired of typing. How cool would it be to actually have one of those birds from The Flintstones that pecked stuff out as you talked?

Anyways, I’m sure a lot of you are curious as to when the meter will be given away. Soon grasshopper.

Giving Away The Amprobe

engineering blog

Amprobe AM-510

How long is this guy (me) going to string you along? How many members is he going to let sign up before he gives away this tool? I’m sure these were questions you’ve been losing sleep over lol.

The whole purpose of giving that stuff away is to draw in new members, let’s be honest. But it wouldn’t be fair to those of you that were already signed up or just did, to keep waiting. It doesn’t matter anyway because the plan is to keep doing it with tools and stuff.

The date for giving away the Amprobe AM-510 I reviewed here, is February 8th, Sunday in a few weeks.

Since this site is run by a knuckle dragging fool (again, me) how I plan to pick a winner will be very crude and primitive. I will take all of the members, new and old, from the email list and give them a number. Then I’ll go to an online random number generator and let it pick. Whatever number comes up gets the item.

So for the Amprobe meter, February 8th. Check your email that day or the 9th. If you don’t respond within 7 days, another number will get chosen.

Anyone Like To Write?

Here is the section where I see if anyone else around here likes to write?

As long as it has something to do with the theme of this site, or home improvement, or tools, whatever, I’d be interested in talking with you.

And even if you’re not the writing type, more of a private person but have ideas of what you want to discuss, or read about, send me an email and we can go from there.

New ideas, fresh voices, it would be good for everyone. If you really get into it and we build a relationship, you would get site access to post freely eventually. So yeah, I’m just throwing that out there if anyone wants to have a voice online. Let me know.

Random Stuff

stock-photo-performance-evaluation-form-72178540I had my annual evaluation at work last week. It was alright nothing bad, nothing flashy. It seems to have become more of a required process than an actual assessment of your abilities. Know what I mean?

One weird thing is that since I got out of the Navy in 1998, this is the longest job I have had. Over 8 years now. Not for any negative reasons, it’s just that before I kept changing jobs to move up. This is the first time I have ever been truly vested with a company, so I get to take my retirement account with me when I go.

The plan is to leave before 2015 ends though so I will again break another streak. Oh well.

I have been doing the same stuff outside of work, going to the park with my dog, riding my bike. I have been getting a lot done outside though despite being a little bit cold. One day last week it was 6F. I don’t think I worked outside that day. I have been trimming a lot of dead tree branches, trying to prevent them from falling throughout the year. It is frustrating to me to cut the grass but have to pick up a million little branch bits before I can start.

So yeah, this post is all over the map. Sorry. Maybe it will show that I am just a regular human and not some engineering cyborg. Have a good day people.

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