Triplett 1101-B Multimeter Review

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter

The Triplett 1101-B measuring the temperature of some high quality H2O.

The next multimeter up for review is the Triplett 1101-B compact multimeter. This is the 4th multimeter to be reviewed which leaves one more unless you guys want to keep going with electrical items. Up to this point we have looked at the Fluke 115, an AM-510 from Amprobe, the Innova 3320, and now a compact meter from Triplett, the 1101-B model. How does it stack up? Does it have any features the others didn’t? What are some of the pros and cons with this Triplett multimeter? Don’t worry, got you covered. Why did the Triplett 1101-B make the cut?

Because it is:

  • On my multimeter comparison chart.
  • Only meter reviewed w/ a temperature probe.
  • The next tool we’re giving away.
  • A best selling meter on Amazon.

Overall, the Triplett 1101-B multimeter is in my opinion, average. If I saw someone using it at work or around their house, would I buy it after seeing it in action? Maybe. A technician could use this meter on heat exchangers or plenums while a homeowner could use it on their car or furnace.

3 Cool Things About the Triplett 1101-B

Real quick, to capture your attention, here are 3 reasons this meter may or may not stand out to you:

  • Comes with a temperature probe.
  • So far has the best test leads.
  • Also has the brightest back light.
Triplett 1101-B Multimeter

How does she look? I like the color contrasts.

Think about what you could do with that feature on a meter. Not sure if your fridge is cooling enough? Slip the probe between the door seal, close it, and watch your meter to see what happens.

Need to make adjustments to your car A/C? Put the probe inside, roll the window up with the unit on, and see how cool the car is getting inside while you work under the hood.

It also has the best set of test leads of the 4 other meters we’ve checked out. They are long, pointed, and come with screw on alligator clips as well. Dang. Convincing myself.

This meter might work for you, it does have a couple nice features but personally the more rugged meters is what I prefer. If you have looked at our multimeter comparison chart, the Triplett 1101-B is one of the higher priced meters on there so for me that was a drawback. You could just as easily get the Amprobe AM-510 for the same price and the overall quality and heftiness feels much better.

Keep reading though and see if this meter is more your style or preference, everyone is different. The Triplett 1101-B has a temperature sensor, a strong and bright back light display, and a 3 year warranty. Those are some pretty good features.

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What You’ll Find Below

triplett multimetersLike the previous multimeter reviews, below you will find my review of the Triplett 1101-B multimeter in great detail. Well as much detail as my writing patience allows lol. This includes:

  • Description.
  • First impressions.
  • Features.
  • Pros & Cons.
  • Miscellaneous.

As I have already written, this meter feels average to above average. The temperature probe is easily the best feature of the Triplett 1101-B multimeter. If you need a basic to slightly advanced multimeter for troubleshooting, testing and such, this might be perfect. If you are more on the construction side or something, you might want to go a with a little bit more beef.

The meter from Triplett didn’t blow my socks off but it didn’t necessarily disappoint either. Why do I feel guilty for writing that ha ha?

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter Review

Start with the actual product description. It has over 75 reviews and a 4.3 rating. Over 67% of the reviewers gave it 5 stars. Based on appearance alone, what would you give it? I’m just curious. I would rate it that highly at first but after handling it and checking it out, I’d be in between 3 and 4 stars, closer to 4. Let’s see though.

The Triplett 1101-B Compact Digital Multimeter has:

  • 19 measurement ranges and functions.
  • AC/DC voltage up to 600V.
  • DC current to 10A.
  • Resistance to 2 megaohms.
  • Audible continuity.
  • Diode test.

The K-type thermocouple can measure temperatures up to 300 F. It has an LCD screen and the resolution is extremely well back lit for readability in low light conditions. Overload protection makes the meter resistant to damage from accidental overloads. A data hold function stores the current LCD reading.

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter

The Triplett 1101-B comes with a nice variety of leads.

The meter has a protective rubberized boot that resists impact and a kick stand so you can prop it up and still see your readings. It’s amazing to me how long those kick stands took to be become standard on meters. It uses a 9V battery (included) and an auto power-off function to help preserve battery life. The Triplett 1101-B multimeter also has a low battery indicator display. It is safety rated for Categories I and II to 600V AC/DC.

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Triplett 1101-B Multimeter – First Impressions

Triplett Multimeter

Still in the package.

Here are some quick thoughts about the meter as I held it and opened it. Instead, picture yourself taking it off the shelf and checking it out. You are multimeter shopping after all right? What would make you pick up this meter? The color? Price?

  • The Triplett 1101-B is indeed compact.
  • It looks semi-sturdy.
  • Measures AC/DC up to 600V.
  • Cool temperature probe.

Of course these were just the main things I noticed. I like color contrast, it looked sturdy, and the temperature measuring thermocouple seems cool as heck. Also, I was curious as to what made this such a highly rated and sold multimeter. It isn’t the most expensive of the meters but it isn’t the cheapest either. Perhaps the temperature sensor feature drives up the price. Hmmm.

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter – Features

For this section of the Triplett 1101-B multimeter review, we are going to list some of the features. I guess you could call these standard to most meters, so they aren’t quite pros yet. You know what I mean? Still in the minors but getting there.

  • Protective Boot
  • Kickstand
  • Audible
  • Auto Off
  • Transistor & Diode Test Functions
  • Low Battery Warning

Pros of the Triplett 1101-B Multimeter

compact digital multimeter reviews

Back light strong like bull.

Here are some of what I would consider pros of this compact digital meter:

Temperature Function

  • We have already talked about the potential for what you could do with a meter that measures temperature both as a homeowner or technician. I must admit, I really like that aspect. Never had one with this feature.

Bright Back Light

  • You can easily see in the opening pic of the post that this back light is a beacon.

Good Test Leads

  • I do like the test leads. They are the longer variety that can easily fit into sockets and tight places. The 1101-B comes with the standard set, the probe, and alligator clips.

3 Year Warranty

  • Longer than most which come with a 1 year.

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Triplett 1101-B Multimeter Cons

With the features and pros already being listed, and me saying I wasn’t in love with the meter, here is what I felt were drawbacks with the meter. Hey, it’s up to you if you think they are or not. The Triplett 1101-B does have some pros as well.

Manual Ranging

  • I simply dislike the idea of always having to ensure you are on the proper range for what you are doing. I’d rather just set it in a range and go.


  • Once you get it out of the package, it doesn’t feel as sturdy as it looks. Feels protected but not rugged if you catch my drift.

Triplett 1101-B vs. a Fluke 116

I wanted to test the accuracy of the meter for this multimeter review. In order to do the basic test, I took 3 individual readings with each meter on the same voltage source. The results are below.

Reading #
Innova 3320
Fluke 116
118.2 (volts)
118.7 (volts)
118.2 (volts)
118.8 (volts)
118.3 (volts)
118.8 (volts)

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter Dimensions

As far as overall size goes, the Triplett 1101-B is second smallest of any of the meters reviewed so far. The meter measures 5.75″ x 2.7″ x 1.2″.

What Was Inside the Package

triplett multimeters

This is what came inside the package.

The Triplett 1101-B multimeter arrived packaged in a lovely and flattering clear plastic sleeve that was crimped together at the edges. Once again, if you win this meter, I had to cut the crimped edges to open it. It is the same exact meter featured in all the pics on this page. I opened the package and found:

  • Triplett 1101-B Multimeter
  • Instruction Manual
  • 48″ Test Leads
  • 40″ Temperature Probe
  • Alligator Clips
  • Battery, installed

The 1101-B compact multimeter from Triplett comes with a pretty snazzy 3 year warranty. Zoinks.

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter Review Conclusion

Well that about wraps up my review of the Triplett 1101-B compact digital multimeter. Placing these meters side by side a few weeks apart really allows me to see the differences between them. This meter from Triplett has some very nice selling features and then some very minor drawbacks. I really like the temperature function as well as how strong the back light is. But I do dislike the manual ranging of it.

Well, you should be pretty informed, enough to make a smart decision. Do you think this meter would fulfill your specific needs? I can see this meter being beneficial for a handy homeowner as well as a technician or building engineer. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to send an email or leave a comment. I’ll do my best to get an answer.

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