Klein MM100 Multimeter Review

Klein MM100 multimeter review

The Klein MM100 screen and dial selection.

For this last multimeter, and only 16 months later, we are going to review the Klein MM100. No, it’s not the most fancy meter that Klein makes, it’s probably one of their more basic models. The Klein MM100 is priced near the lower end of electrical multimeters and is about average for the ones we have reviewed. Perhaps it would have been smarter to start lower and work our way up to the more expensive ones.

At some work sites your employer will buy all of your tools for you. At one place, the hand tools they purchased were made by Klein. Klein was pretty much the industry standard for electrical tools among journeymen electricians back then. Not necessarily their multimeters but for sure their hand tools. With that in the back of my head, I had high hopes for the MM100 meter. Sorry, and no offense to Klein, but I don’t think I’d recommend this meter to you guys.

The Klein MM100 looks rugged enough, it has a very similar style hard case that the Triplett multimeter does. Hopefully you noticed that it reads “looks rugged,” now that I’ve felt it, it’s not that rugged or beefy. It would work at home, in your garage, and perhaps as a carry around meter for a light trade technician. It’s a stretch to say it is heavy duty. It does have the Klein name attached to it though.

It has a 600V rating and can measure current up to 10 amps DC. The Klein MM100 might work well for the homeowner, the person that fixes their own vehicle, or some hobbyists.

Here are some features you may want to consider before choosing any multimeter:

  • Digital.
  • Audible indication.
  • Compact.
  • Universal use – volts, amps, resistance.
  • At least 600V rating.

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Innova 3320 Meter Giveaway

Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging MultimeterWhat is up readers and members of buildingengineertraining. com? How is everyone doing right now, at this very moment? If you’re reading this that means you are alive and still have your vision probably so that’s a plus.

Anyways, you all remember the tool giveaway idea right? Well it has been a month and the next drawing happened on March 8th. This time we were giving away the Innova 3320 meter, pictured to the right.

The first drawing was for the Amprobe AM-510, the winner and I wrote back and forth, and I soon shipped him the meter. Speaking of which, I have not heard back from him. Rude. No thank you, no “hey, got the meter.” Zero. Hmm.

I used the same process as before. At midnight on 3/8, I closed down the new member sign-ups so that everyone at that current time gets a fair shake. All members have numbers assigned. Using a random number generator, I had it pick one. And we have a winner.

This person already knows they won, I emailed them yesterday. They have already replied so I think this free drawing is locked down. I am still waiting on their shipping address though. I guess to some this may seem weird, or a scam, actually just signing up for a site and actually winning cool stuff for free, and then having it shipped to your door.

Just like last time, if I can’t get the details of the winner nailed down within a week, back to the number generator and we’ll pick a new number.

The winner of the second free tool giveaway, the Innova 3320, has the handle – kmccabe2. Shipping is on my nickel within reason.

Thanks again to all of you for signing up and becoming members. If you didn’t win the meter this time, don’t fret. I ordered the next multimeter to be reviewed last week and it should have been here by now. Soon, I will check it out, put up a lengthy review, and then give it to one of you in a month. After that I think there is only one more to review to round out the top 5.

What do you guys think, more electrical stuff or switch to something mechanical or a power tool? If you haven’t noticed, we have been sticking with the $20-$50 price range, so keep that in mind if you have suggestions for me.

Give a golf clap and tip o’ your hat to member kmccabe2. He’s got a nifty little testing meter soon to be headed his way. Have an excellent day people.

Multimeter Comparison Chart – good for DIY, Tech’s, Trades

triplett multimeter

The Triplett Multimeter below.

If you have been thinking about buying a multimeter for things like projects at home or if you want to upgrade the multimeter you use at work.  For some of us, it can be very hard to even know where to start.  Some of the info can be overwhelming.

Basically meters can be used for a bunch of things like repairs or testing.  They can be pretty handy at home and even more handy at work.  When used properly, multimeters can save lives.  You can easily know if the circuit or outlet you are working on is safe, or not.

By making your own repairs, doing your own problem solving, and just overall improving your house or work, any of the multimeters below will do.

Check out the chart, and some of my notes underneath the sortable multimeter comparison chart.  I chose a wide range of meters from the Amazon best sellers list.  I went with a very basic model, a few in between, and then almost an industry standard Fluke multimeter last.

Make sure you read the whole page to see which ones get my votes! Read more