Klein MM100 Multimeter Giveaway

Klein MM100 multimeter review

The Klein MM100

The review for the Klein MM100 multimeter went up at the end of August. Most of you have for sure already read it. If you did, you can see that I would have to consider it to be at the bottom of all of the multimeters reviewed here. And yay, it is the next tool to be given away to one of the site members. Ha ha. Who wants to win the least recommended multimeter? You #Wmardorf? Maybe you #willpham87? Those are the first hashtags I’ve ever used.

Do you guys want to continue with reviews of multimeters? Maybe we can move on to another category of tools? I don’t know, what do you think? Let me know via email or a comment below.

Per the usual, the drawing for the Klein MM100 will follow the same guidelines. When you subscribe as members the site automatically assigns you a specific number. The number range then gets put into a random number generator and it spits out a number. I write a post, send out a group email to all members with a link to this post, and then let the winner know. The winner, maybe you, then has a week to respond, otherwise another member gets picked and someone else gets it. So be sure to check your email. The meter will then be shipped to you on the site’s dime, if you live in the U.S.

The Klein MM100 was I believe the lowest priced meter that was reviewed here. It is your basic multimeter and doesn’t have an abundance of wow factor features. It is manual ranging but it does come with a Klein two year warranty. If you’d like to check out the entire review of the Klein MM100, click here.

The drawing will be done right after this. It only takes a couple of minutes. I do need to clean up some of the members though. Despite not adding too much new content lately, the number of members has increased quite a bit. Remember, if you get someone to sign up, or share something, you’ll get another shot, or entry, at winning the monthly tool. Just let me know if you do so that you get the credit.

I hope you all had an awesome summer. It is already mid-September, and fall is nearly here. Where did the year go? Things have been pretty much the same around here. I’ve been doing a lot of working outside. I have a wood pallet project going on right now. How about you? Any cool projects or ideas you’d want to share with the site? Always looking to hear about something cool. Alright, that about does it for this post. Until next time people.

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter Review

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter

The Triplett 1101-B measuring the temperature of some high quality H2O.

The next multimeter up for review is the Triplett 1101-B compact multimeter. This is the 4th multimeter to be reviewed which leaves one more unless you guys want to keep going with electrical items. Up to this point we have looked at the Fluke 115, an AM-510 from Amprobe, the Innova 3320, and now a compact meter from Triplett, the 1101-B model. How does it stack up? Does it have any features the others didn’t? What are some of the pros and cons with this Triplett multimeter? Don’t worry, got you covered. Why did the Triplett 1101-B make the cut?

Because it is:

  • On my multimeter comparison chart.
  • Only meter reviewed w/ a temperature probe.
  • The next tool we’re giving away.
  • A best selling meter on Amazon.

Overall, the Triplett 1101-B multimeter is in my opinion, average. If I saw someone using it at work or around their house, would I buy it after seeing it in action? Maybe. A technician could use this meter on heat exchangers or plenums while a homeowner could use it on their car or furnace.

3 Cool Things About the Triplett 1101-B

Real quick, to capture your attention, here are 3 reasons this meter may or may not stand out to you:

  • Comes with a temperature probe.
  • So far has the best test leads.
  • Also has the brightest back light.
Triplett 1101-B Multimeter

How does she look? I like the color contrasts.

Think about what you could do with that feature on a meter. Not sure if your fridge is cooling enough? Slip the probe between the door seal, close it, and watch your meter to see what happens.

Need to make adjustments to your car A/C? Put the probe inside, roll the window up with the unit on, and see how cool the car is getting inside while you work under the hood.

It also has the best set of test leads of the 4 other meters we’ve checked out. They are long, pointed, and come with screw on alligator clips as well. Dang. Convincing myself.

This meter might work for you, it does have a couple nice features but personally the more rugged meters is what I prefer. If you have looked at our multimeter comparison chart, the Triplett 1101-B is one of the higher priced meters on there so for me that was a drawback. You could just as easily get the Amprobe AM-510 for the same price and the overall quality and heftiness feels much better.

Keep reading though and see if this meter is more your style or preference, everyone is different. The Triplett 1101-B has a temperature sensor, a strong and bright back light display, and a 3 year warranty. Those are some pretty good features.

Remember that the Triplett 1101-B multimeter was purchased only to write this review and give away to one of you people in the member drawing next month. You can find out more about becoming a free member and getting free chances to win stuff here.

If you’d like to find out if this multimeter would be enough for all of your electrical needs, click ahead and check it out.

Click Here To Check It Out At Amazon

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How to use a multimeter – Voltage

how to use a multimeter

Checking voltage on an outlet.

Using a multimeter can be a bit scary right?  If you put your test probes there, will you get the proper reading?  Might you get shocked?  The post below is supposed to help out with using a multimeter, or a voltmeter as some call it, to measure voltage.

Resistance and current will be addressed later, this one hopefully is strictly for measuring voltage.  As we mentioned before, voltage is the driving force behind the current.  Without voltage, our little electron friends don’t move.

Why it’s important to know how to use a multimeter

For one, you’re a person, don’t you want to know how to use one?  Also, you may have an issue come up at home or work that you need to solve.  Maybe it’s an outlet at home that all of a sudden doesn’t seem to work.  Maybe it is the all important coffee maker at work that has no power.

Whatever it is, especially the frickin’ coffee, you have to solve it.  With meters being the scary bastards that they are, you have come to the right place.  First though… Read more

fluke 115 true rms digital multimeter

Fluke 115 Meter Review

fluke 115 meter review

A Fluke doing some work.

I decided to write a Fluke 115 meter review.  The Fluke 115 is probably the industry standard for workhorse meters.  I have a ton of different model Flukes but for all around use, durability and reliability, this is the meter.  Some in my own words, you’ll be able to tell, others are snippets from Amazon.

People love the Fluke 115 from homeowners to construction workers.  Find out why.

The company that probably sets the standard for tools in the building engineering industry is Fluke.  They make the pocket voltage detectors, huge electrical monitoring devices that you can hook up to switchgear, and they also make these multimeters, commonly called voltmeters.

The handheld Fluke true RMS digital multimeter is a required tool for any serious building engineer OR anyone at home that wants to do some electrical projects.  Actually a meter of this capability may even be overkill for home use unless you plan on doing dome serious stuff.  I use mine at home but I test and troubleshoot things (checking why a trailer taillight isn’t coming on.)

Read more of the Fluke 115 Meter Review below.

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