Fluke Electrical Tester Comparison Chart

Fluke electrical tester

A handy Fluke – senses ac/dc, and indicates level.

Not to be confused with a multimeter, electrical testers are kind of different.  I guess if you’re super familiar with them or can use them just as well as a multimeter, they can be just as good.

Electrical testers seem to be more handy, more compact, and more rugged.  They don’t have all of the ultra technical features of the traditional meters though either.  I have a few electrical testers and I put them up near the bottom of my multimeter comparison chart page which you can see here if you’re so inclined ha ha. Read more

Multimeter Comparison Chart – good for DIY, Tech’s, Trades

triplett multimeter

The Triplett Multimeter below.

If you have been thinking about buying a multimeter for things like projects at home or if you want to upgrade the multimeter you use at work.  For some of us, it can be very hard to even know where to start.  Some of the info can be overwhelming.

Basically meters can be used for a bunch of things like repairs or testing.  They can be pretty handy at home and even more handy at work.  When used properly, multimeters can save lives.  You can easily know if the circuit or outlet you are working on is safe, or not.

By making your own repairs, doing your own problem solving, and just overall improving your house or work, any of the multimeters below will do.

Check out the chart, and some of my notes underneath the sortable multimeter comparison chart.  I chose a wide range of meters from the Amazon best sellers list.  I went with a very basic model, a few in between, and then almost an industry standard Fluke multimeter last.

Make sure you read the whole page to see which ones get my votes! Read more

fluke 115 true rms digital multimeter

Fluke 115 Meter Review

fluke 115 meter review

A Fluke doing some work.

I decided to write a Fluke 115 meter review.  The Fluke 115 is probably the industry standard for workhorse meters.  I have a ton of different model Flukes but for all around use, durability and reliability, this is the meter.  Some in my own words, you’ll be able to tell, others are snippets from Amazon.

People love the Fluke 115 from homeowners to construction workers.  Find out why.

The company that probably sets the standard for tools in the building engineering industry is Fluke.  They make the pocket voltage detectors, huge electrical monitoring devices that you can hook up to switchgear, and they also make these multimeters, commonly called voltmeters.

The handheld Fluke true RMS digital multimeter is a required tool for any serious building engineer OR anyone at home that wants to do some electrical projects.  Actually a meter of this capability may even be overkill for home use unless you plan on doing dome serious stuff.  I use mine at home but I test and troubleshoot things (checking why a trailer taillight isn’t coming on.)

Read more of the Fluke 115 Meter Review below.

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Fluke Volt Alert

fluke voltage detector

The fluke pocket voltage sensor in action. Hot cord!

This $20 pocket device can save your life!

This voltage sensor from Fluke is a critical tool for anyone that works out in the field or does any sort of repair around their home.  Electricians, maintenance, service, safety personnel, and homeowners can quickly test for energized circuits in the workplace or at home.

Voltage sensors allow you to quickly check to see if a circuit you are about to work on is hot or dead (has electricity present or not.) Read more