Low Pressure Boilers Book Review

What are the 4 most basic books every building or stationary engineer should have? Of those four, how many do you think a regular homeowner should have?

This post is going to be a review of the book Low Pressure Boilers. It’s not going to be the garbage copy taken from Amazon but a real review from a building engineer.

The four books, imo, are:

  • Low Pressure Boilers
  • High Pressure Boilers
  • Modern Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Uniform Mechanical Code

And I think every person that is taking care of their own home or families should know a little about engineering, trouble shooting, and repairs. But that’s just me and I’m not most people. Are you? How can people not be hungry to learn more? Read more

Replacing Relief Valves on a Boiler

boiler safety valves

The valves that need to be replaced.

Our #3 Boiler to be exact.  I guess the county boiler inspector came out a few weeks ago and made a strong “recommendation” that we replace the safety relief valves on #3 boiler.  He asked the building engineer on duty when the last time was that either the reliefs had been tested or replaced.

Apparently boiler inspectors don’t really like the answers “never” and “never.”  But this obvious dereliction of maintenance was before my time.  It’s crazy how much stuff gets overlooked at places.  Maybe the facility or maintenance staff is too busy or an emergency came up.  But the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) has codes, rules, and regulations for a variety of reasons.

Safety being the main one. Read more