How Often Should You Bottom Blowdown Boilers?

boiler bottom blow down valves

The valves associated with a boiler bottom blowdown. This is also where you drain from. We’ve got that one circular handled valve, and then the two to the left with lever handles.

Easy question yeah?  Must be a standard for bottom blowdowns everyone here should be saying.  There is, sort of.  The number of bottom blowdowns actually required daily is a moving target.  There is not one set answer for every single boiler.

It is a simple answer though.

The quantity of bottom blowdowns required each day, for each boiler, ultimately depends on the conductivity of the boiler water.

Don’t forget that conductivity is merely a reading of the amount of solids, both dissolved and undissolved, floating around inside causing corrosion.

If that was the answer you came looking for, there you have it.  Below here, we are going to dive deeper into it.  Talk about why we are actually concerned with the frequency of bottom blowdowns, how to adjust and fine tune your own.

This is perhaps the most common question asked and debated about by building and stationary engineers. Read more

Heat Transfer – Fundamentals of Engineering Module #14

what is heat transfer

The inlet and outlet thermometers on a heat exchanger.

If you’re read anything at all on this site, you’ve probably noticed me mention heat transfer before. As I see it, heat transfer is life. Everything comes down somewhere to a heat transfer. It’s really neat if you think of life in terms of energy exchanges, it’s how things happen.

Yes, heating your home, how a car engine works, that heat transfer is easy to see and honestly, kind of boring Steve. The cool stuff that races across my brain is how the same heat transfer concepts can be found in normal things we do and probably don’t think about.

Every single step you take, throughout your life, every one, is an energy exchange. Each time your foot touches the ground, you and Earth are swapping something. Can you just stand ankle deep in a pile of snow? Why not? Because the Earth is like “heck no man, this stuff is cold. Give me your warmth!”

You yell across a room, audio energy hits the little hairs in my ears, they shake and wiggle, in just a way to convert that energy into something my brain can decode. Read more