Amprobe AM-510 Multimeter Review

amprobe am-510 multimeter review

Amprobe AM-510 – clean looking display and switch.

Glad you found your way to my Amprobe AM-510 Multimeter Review. The AM-510 multimeter is going to be the first tool given away in the tool drawing to a lucky winner. The drawing of course will be after the AM-510 review.

I have to say, based on the low price alone, I was skeptical of the quality. After getting it delivered and finally seeing it and holding it, my opinion has changed. The AM-510 meter seems rugged and accurate, enough for a homeowner as well as for someone in the engineering or construction fields.

So, keep on reading this Amprobe AM-510 multimeter review so you can decide for yourself if it would both meet your needs and stay in your price range. Read more

Multimeter Comparison Chart – good for DIY, Tech’s, Trades

triplett multimeter

The Triplett Multimeter below.

If you have been thinking about buying a multimeter for things like projects at home or if you want to upgrade the multimeter you use at work.  For some of us, it can be very hard to even know where to start.  Some of the info can be overwhelming.

Basically meters can be used for a bunch of things like repairs or testing.  They can be pretty handy at home and even more handy at work.  When used properly, multimeters can save lives.  You can easily know if the circuit or outlet you are working on is safe, or not.

By making your own repairs, doing your own problem solving, and just overall improving your house or work, any of the multimeters below will do.

Check out the chart, and some of my notes underneath the sortable multimeter comparison chart.  I chose a wide range of meters from the Amazon best sellers list.  I went with a very basic model, a few in between, and then almost an industry standard Fluke multimeter last.

Make sure you read the whole page to see which ones get my votes! Read more