Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free Air Compressor Review

Porter-Cable C2002-WK Air Compressor Review

Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free Air CompressorThe Porter-Cable C2002-WK air compressor not only can do a million jobs inside your house and garage but it can also put in work outside such as roofing or framing.

Put up a new fence in no time, or rotate your OWN tires without tweaking your back.

I’ve got a “portable” air compressor already.  Portable like a Toyota Prius that is.  Hold on let me get my back brace on, I have to move my compressor.  Hey why are you knuckles all bloody?  From trying to get my “portable” compressor off the roof, hey have you seen my tooth by chance?

The madness stops with this pancake style compressor from Porter-Cable.  Not only is it oil-free, it has a handle for easy carrying.  This air compressor is highly portable.  You can use it to fill tires or blow leaves out of your gutters.  Take it inside your house for baseboard or trim, up on your roof for repairs, or underneath your car for stubborn bolts.

Porter-Cable makes tools that are well established in the construction world,
there’s a reason – quality.  The C2002-WK compressor is the best selling compressor on Amazon for a reason.  If you are on the fence about buying a compressor, you should read the review I have put together below.  Hopefully this will answer all your questions so that you can decide if this one is right for YOU.

Read the rest of the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Air Compressor review below:

Porter-Cable C2002-WK Air Compressor

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Air Delivery

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The compressor kit comes with an adjustable regulator which lets you dial in the delivery pressure depending on your needs.

Maybe you have to fill a car tire to 35 lbs or use a paint sprayer that needs 65 lbs to work.  You simply get the compressor going, let it build up pressure, and then turn the adjustment knob until the pressure you want is achieved.  Add in the 6 gallon tank…

The tank is designed for 150 psi max pressure.  The Porter-Cable C2002-WK now stores more air meaning longer tool run times for you and faster compressor recovery time.  Also, it has 2 quick connect fittings to plug into.  So maybe you are using one for nailing, and someone else is using the other for framing.


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porter-cable oil free pancake compressorThis compressor runs off the standard juice that runs in your home and garage, 110V.  Simply plug it in.  I know in the past I’ve used compressors that used 220v, talk about a pain.

I noticed a question that popped up a couple times over at Amazon was about the horsepower.  The Porter-Cable C2002-WK is .8 hp.  I verified this at the Porter-Cable website for the exact model.


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  • Can deliver 2.6 SCFM @ 90 psi.
  • Or 3.5 SCFM @ 40 psi for example.
  • 6-gallon pancake-style tank.
  • 13 piece accessory kit included.
  • 120v motor starts easily in cold weather.
  • Comes with an oil-free pump for long life and ZERO maintenance.
  • Shroud, handle, and console cover protect and also make unit easier to carry.
  • Drain valve and rubber feet (reduce vibration) included.


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  • dimensions:  19″ X 18″ X 21″
  • weight:  30 lbs.
  • tank capacity:  6 gallons
  • running horsepower:  .8 hp
  • voltage:  120v
  • amperage:  10 amps
  • 1 year parts warranty
  • 335 Amazon reviews – 4.1 average rating
  • decibel level: 82 dBA
  • 2 pressure gauges
  • 2 quick connects
  • Adjustable pressure regulator


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Porter-Cable C2002-WK air compressor accessory kit

Porter-Cable C2002-WK air compressor accessory kit

With this compressor kit, you also get a 13 piece accessory set.  It’s not some fancy 13 piece set but it does come with a 25-foot hose, blow gun and its attachments, a tire chuck, a tire gauge, a quick coupler, plugs, and Teflon tape.

When my compressor was new, I had to buy a separate accessory kit.  Even if you don’t get this particular model or brand, make sure you check that before you buy.  You don’t want to get home, get all geared up for a project and then realize you don’t have an air hose.

I also bought a 50′ hose so that I would have to move my portable compressor less often.  If you get this one though, it’s actually supposed to move easily lol.


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Built to last, and work, this Porter-Cable model is constructed with an induction motor that has improved performance and extended the working life of the compressor.

Complete with a soft-start motor, the Porter-Cable C2002-WK can easily run off of normal household circuits and is able to run at 3.5 SCFM for faster recharge (meaning quicker recovery time) of its 6-gallon tank.

The motor features replaceable brushes in order to extend motor life and 150 PSI max pressure to allow for extended run time. It also includes 120 PSI cut-in pressure that provides 30 PSI “Bonus Air” and High-Flo air regulator to protect against a large pressure drop.


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355 reviews, most are 4.0 or higher.  This is the #1 selling air compressor online – probably for a reason.  Most seem to appreciate the actual portability of this compressor as well as the reliability and trust associated with the Porter-Cable brand.  Me being in the building engineering field, I’d have to agree.  Here is what some others have said:

“The Porter-Cable C2002-WK pancake compressor is, by far, the only one that is truly, comfortably portable, without sharp corners, while at the same time having the PSI and air capacity of six gallons to keep an air-thirsty framer working.”(read more here: Amazon Porter-Cable CK2002 Reviews)

“Nice small portable compressor.  Runs several air nailers quite well.  Easy to move around.  This is fine for construction jobs but not for large demand such as autobody tools or blasting.  Runs an air impact gun fine.”(read more here: Amazon Porter-Cable CK2002 Reviews)

“I build furniture and use pneumatic nail guns in the construction. In my shop I have a larger compressor that does not allow me to lift and carry to different locations. This little compressor delivers the PSI that’s needed for my purposes and is easy to carry. It has two outlets that can be set to your PSI of choice.”(read more here: Amazon Porter-Cable CK2002 Reviews)

Amazon Rating: 4.1

Pros & Cons

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Porter-Cable C2002-WK oil free air compressorPros

We’ve pretty much already covered the pros for this air compressor up above.  If you’re still undecided about getting it, maybe check out the customer reviews above that take you to Amazon or read the cons below to find out if they are dealbreakers for you.

This oil-free air compressor has the Porter-Cable name behind it, a 1 year warranty, 2 outlets for 2 hoses, a pressure regulator and accessory kit, and a good delivery pressure which can be variable.  And lastly, if you go to a construction site or whatever, you’ll probably find a Porter-Cable compressor somewhere because of their durability.

oil free air compressorsCons

Here is one from an Amazon customer – “Had trouble blowing out my irrigation system. Granted, my system is pretty big, but I expected more capacity from it.”  Since we don’t know the size of the irrigation system we can probably assume that the irrigation piping was bigger than 6 gallons.  I’d be almost certain it was.

As far as real product cons go, there aren’t many but one I did find was the lack of a break in procedure.  So what do I do for ya?  I went out and got the break in steps.

Breaking in the Porter-Cable C2002-WK Air Compressor

After doing research online for this review, I saw the question of breaking in this compressor come up more than once.  In fact, I think it was probably the most common question floating around the web that I found.

No worries though, I got your answer!  Yes sir.  No more worrying for you.  And the answer is yes, you do have to break it in.  It’s fast, easy, and by doing it, you are extending the life of your new purchase.  It takes like 15 minutes.

Some say you don’t have to break in a compressor.  And you may not have to, especially with some/most going oil free.  I think the intent was to seal the piston rings and cylinders before you started going to town and burning up your compressor.

Even if it doesn’t need it per se, it doesn’t hurt.  Breaking in a compressor is pretty much required but it’s super easy.  Here’s how the Porter-Cable manual says to do it:

Break In Procedure

Serious damage may result if the following break in instructions are not closely followed.  This procedure is required before the air compressor is put into service and when the check valve or a complete compressor pump has been replaced.

  1. Make sure the On/Off switch is in the “Off” position.
  2. Plug the power cord in.
  3. Open the drain valve (turn counter-clockwise) fully to permit air to escape and prevent air pressure from building.
  4. Move the On/Off switch to “On” position. The compressor will start.
  5. Run the compressor for 15 minutes.  Make sure the drain valve is open.
  6. After 15 minutes, close the drain valve by turning clockwise.  The receiver will now run to its cut-out pressure and the compressor will stop.

Simple Simon right?  The compressor is now ready for use.  Get going.

Can it shoot nails?

Is this compressor strong enough to power a framing nail gun?  This was another very popular question lurking around.  Can it be used to frame, or roof, or blow out irrigation pipes?  For the most part yes.

The compressor pressures up to 165 psi right away and with a larger hose, the hose acts as a secondary air tank.

Check current pricing discounts:

Porter-Cable Air Compressor C2002-WK oil free

Features Overview:

FeaturesPorter-Cable C2002-WK
Tank Size6 Gallons
Weight30 lbs.
Variable Output?Yes
Adjustable Pressure?Yes
WarrantyYes/1 year


That is it.  That is most of what I could find for you on the Porter-Cable C2002-WK oil-free pancake style air compressor.  We saw some advantages about it like no oil which means less maintenance as well as an adjustable pressure output and a 6 gallon tank.

I guess the break in procedure for Porter-Cable compressor is hard to find so a rough draft has been included in this post as well.  This particular compressor is ideal for the homeowner, the DIY person, and also light construction.