portable air compressor reviews

The DeWalt Max Trim we reviewed – #5 on the list, out of 5.

This is nearly it, the second to last page to wrap up this little site experiment – a portable air compressors review page.

I own nothing on this portable air compressor reviews page.  Not a single one of them.


I do work with them daily both at work and at home.  I love building.  I know compressors and what they can do.

Mainly it comes down to 2 things:

  • what you need it to do &
  • what you want from an air compressor overall.

Of course you sort of know what you’d like it to do.  Off the top of your head though, do you:

  • Want it quiet above all else?  Look at the Senco.
  • Want a large tank capacity for portable?  Porter-Cable.

best portable air compressor reviews

The Porter-Cable
C2002-WK. #1 on the list. Big reputation.

Probably 2 months ago, I bought this ebook that was supposed to help me write reviews.  It laid out the structure for both writing the reviews (where to get loads of info, how to lay out the different posts and pages so that it ties together) and how it can be easily seen by the search engines, etc.  You see I can write, I can’t write to convince though you know?

The lady said to narrow down your criteria in order to come up with the 5 best of the category you are writing about.  So that is what we’ve done here with the portable air compressor reviews.

There are right now 5 portable air compressor reviews up on the site, just like she said :-).  She also said to write 5 more posts about information about the same stuff.  That is why this is the 2nd to last page – I have only created 4 of those.  Hey – it is very hard to write and write 9-10 pages about the same but different things.  Those 4 pages include things like:

She also said to write up a comparison page using a table.  I like creating charts so that one was fun ha ha.  Can you guess what that one is called?  Correct – a portable air compressor comparison chart.

To recap, we’ve got:

  • 5 portable air compressor reviews for you.
  • 4 informational posts about air compressors
  • 1 comparison chart
  • My love

With that, let’s get on with it.  This is why you’re here right?  To find out which portable air compressor would help you the most?

Portable Air Compressor Reviews

Click on link below the thumbnail image to go to our review page:

Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free Air Compressor

Porter-Cable C2002-WK
150 psi, 6 gallons
Free accessories

Senco PC1010 Air Compressor

Senco PC1010
125 psi, 1 gallon
Ultra quiet

bostitch portable air compressors

Bostitch CAP1512-OF
150 psi, 1.2 gallons
Great for trim.

Porter-Cable portable Air Compressor reviews

Porter-Cable CMB 15
150 psi, 1.5 gallons
Shrouded, free accessories

dewalt portable air compressor reviews

DeWalt Max Trim
135 psi, 1 gallon
Great for trim work.

  • Quietest:  Senco
  • Lightest:  Senco & the Porter-Cable shrouded
  • Best Flow @ 90 psi:  Bostitch
  • Biggest Tank:  Porter-Cable pancake
  • Free Accessories:  Both Porter-Cable’s
  • Highest Rated:  Senco
  • Lowest Rated:  DeWalt
  • Highest Max Output:  Both Porter-Cable’s & Senco (150 psi)
  • Smallest Footprint:  Senco
  • Oil Free?:  All

Portable Air Compressor Reviews Wrap Up

Hopefully this has helped you in choosing a portable air compressor or at the least helped you know what you want to look for in one.

I’m an honest dude, like I wrote above, I don’t a single one of these.  I do have a portable air compressor just not one of these exact models.  Maybe if you guys buys some and make me some money I’ll get one.

But seriously, as part of that ebook, she really wanted the reviewer to do their research.  Of course I will do anything to put off writing.  While I was looking things up to write portable air compressor reviews you know what I found?  A metric butt ton of garbage.  Nothing really helpful, the same re-hashed unreadable crap.  Portable air compressors are portable and compress air.  If you need air to be compressed… you get the idea.

These are 5 different models from different manufacturers all with different outputs, pros, and cons, and even true purposes.  Check out the reviews to see.