Portable Air Compressor Comparison Chart

Portable Air Compressor Comparison Chart

portable air compressorBig font baby.  But that’s what Google likes isn’t it big G?  Kind of annoying having to play this game of trying to tell them what the page is about.  Did you it even gets down to silly things like font size of certain words?  This is why I have to make that damned heading so big.  It sends one of many signals to their robots.

Anyways, enough ranting about search engines.  As you can see, this is an easy table comparing a variety of different style portable air compressors.  We got a pancake that can do most anything, and we got a super top secret quiet one that you can put inside a cabinet.

I wrote reviews for every portable compressor you see in the chart below.  You can check out those reviews by clicking the link below the image.

I think clicking the image takes you to the image lol, but clicking the link brings you to that individual portable compressor review page here on this site.  From there, you can then decide or return here and check out another.

Here is the lowdown:

I bet you are asking yourself – how can this dude’s air compressor reviews help me?

What I did was…

  • I used the criteria below to get started.  But to make it worth it for you, the customer, I put together review pages that included only the most important info.
  • I went to Amazon for each one and found the most important features and specs.
  • I read almost every review, comment, and question to figure out what people were asking or concerned with.  I included that info.
  • I went to the manufacturer’s website to see if other places, like Amazon, missed any details.
  • I included pros and cons with EVERY portable compressor so you can make the right decision for you.

So that’s what you get – a no fluff, no muss air compressor review that you can check out.  It’s got the good, the bad, and all of the other stuff.

Here is the table:

Air CompressorBrandTank Size (gallons)Weight (lbs)Max Pressure (psi)Flow RateAccessories?Amazon RatingDimensions (inches)
porter-cable oil free pancake compressor

Porter-Cable6301502.6 scfm @ 90 psiYes (13 pieces)4.119 x 18 x 21
Senco PC1010 Air Compressor

Senco120125.7 scfm @ 90 psiNo4.513 x 14 x 10
Bostitch 1.2 Gallon Air Compressor
1.2 Gallon Oil Free
Bostitch1.2231502.8 scfm @ 90 psiNo4.418 x 13 x 15
Porter-Cable Air Compressors CMB15
Porter-Cable1.5201502.0 scfm @ 90 psiYes (8 pieces)4.416 x 13 x 21
portable air compressor review

DeWalt Max Trim
DeWalt124135.75 scfm @ 90 psiNo3.821 x 19 x 9

Why I picked these

No super special reason but I did have a few things in mind when choosing these specific four portable air compressors.  Hopefully soon to be 5.  5 was the goal at the start.

As you can see from the site, I am a building engineer by trade.  One of the first things was actually the name.  I gravitated to Porter-Cable right off because of the reputation.  I didn’t pick one, I just went to Amazon and looked at the best selling Porter-Cable portable air compressor.

portable air compressor comparison chartI saw it had 4 stars, barely, but still.  So that became the 1st criteria – at least a 4 star customer rating.

I then checked the number of customer reviews.  No sense in looking at a 5 star that only had 1 rating.  Then I decided, after finding out online, to cut that number off at 30.  It must have at least 30 ratings or reviews.

Then it must have some sort of brand recognition or reputation.  Like Porter-Cable is killer for construction or people like me, that do everything.  Is that you by chance?  Do you want to?  Anyways, Bostitch has a killer rep for home stuff, Senco is like an old, reliable brand (my compressor is a Senco.)

And then I wanted to offer some variety.  I know people like different things.  You can see a pancake style, what I call a torpedo style, shrouded.

So we used all that, mixed it in, and got that table.  Plus the added benefit of both of us using Amazon.  They probably have free shipping somehow on these things plus the insane savings.  Some of these portable air compressors are priced like 50% off what you’d get them for in stores.  Seriously.

Links to the Reviews

Hey – if you didn’t know where to click in the table above to read a review in detail, I’ve made it easy.

Here are image links to the 5 portable air compressor reviews that are on this site.  Click on them and be whisked away.

portable air compressor comparison chart


portable air compressor reviews


portable air compressors

1.2 Gallon Trim

air compressor comparison chart


portable air compressor review

Max Trim Compressor

The Skinny on the Table

Again, if you want to check out one of the portable air compressors from the comparison chart just click on the link below the image.

All columns should be sortable I think.  After reading the review that has the specs, features, pros and cons, either come back here or go on to Amazon and make a purchase.  Get working.  Subscribe too, nice little training program for reading.

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