Multimeter Comparison Chart – good for DIY, Tech’s, Trades

triplett multimeter

The Triplett Multimeter below.

If you have been thinking about buying a multimeter for things like projects at home or if you want to upgrade the multimeter you use at work.  For some of us, it can be very hard to even know where to start.  Some of the info can be overwhelming.

Basically meters can be used for a bunch of things like repairs or testing.  They can be pretty handy at home and even more handy at work.  When used properly, multimeters can save lives.  You can easily know if the circuit or outlet you are working on is safe, or not.

By making your own repairs, doing your own problem solving, and just overall improving your house or work, any of the multimeters below will do.

Check out the chart, and some of my notes underneath the sortable multimeter comparison chart.  I chose a wide range of meters from the Amazon best sellers list.  I went with a very basic model, a few in between, and then almost an industry standard Fluke multimeter last.

Make sure you read the whole page to see which ones get my votes!

Multimeter Comparison Chart

Auto Range?
Max Volts
Review Link
Amazon Page
Innova 3320

Innova 3320
  • Household Battery Tester

  • Kickstand

  • Shock Resistant
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    klein multimeter

    Klein MM100
  • Manual Ranging

  • Tests batteries, diodes, continuity.

  • Cheapest
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    amprobe meters

    Amprobe AM-510
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detector

  • Flashlight

  • Battery Life Indicator

  • Best Value
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    triplett multimeters

    Triplett 1101-B
  • Measures Temperature

  • Compact

  • Backlight

  • High Value
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    fluke multimeter

    Fluke 115
  • Fluke Name

  • Reliable

  • Backlight

  • Most Expensive
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    My Awards & My Opinions (not that it means anything)

    We all sat down here at the site, the entire staff and voted on the best of items below. By we all sat down, I mean me. So take these awesome awards with a grain of salt lol.

    The winner for coolest looking goes to:

    • Triplett 1101-B Compact

    Best for the Trades and Field Service Technicians:

    • Fluke 115

    Best for Serious DIY’er (also the best value meter imo):

    • Amprobe AM-510

    I reviewed the Amprobe AM-510 multimeter here if you’d like to check it out in more detail.

    Best for Homeowner:

    • Innova 3320

    Not so sure About – Klein (due to the manual ranging.)

    The Multimeters I Have:

    I added the pictures at the end there so that you can see I have used a wide variety of different styles and skill levels.  As you can probably guess, that AW Sperry was my very first, as a homeowner.  I used it to check the battery on my motorcycle way back.

    AW Sperry Multimeter

    An AW Sperry meter.

    Fluke Voltage detector/indicator AC/DC

    A handy Fluke – senses ac/dc.


    Fluke Clamp Ammeter/Multimeter

    Fluke Ammeter Clamp.

    There you have it, a multimeter comparison chart made up of the best selling meters from Amazon.  The table above has meters ranging from the basic homeowner model to the serious do-it-yourselfer and technical trades.

    Got a multimeter already?  Love it?  Hate it?  Question on how to use one?  I’m sure we could all figure out an answer together.  Leave a comment, advice, or a recommendation for others to see.

    And if you are interested, don’t forget about a personal post I have up about the Fluke 115 here.