Makita 12V Max Combo Kit Review – Drill/Driver & Impact, LCT209W

Makita 12V Max Combo Kit Review

Makita 12V Max Combo Kit ReviewYou’re thinking, I thought Makita tools were blue? They used to be, always were that off kind of blue. Not anymore, and let me say it makes writing a Makita Max Combo Kit review that much more… weird?

The first cordless drill I saw was my Dad’s Makita. Back then cordless drills and tools were big time and fancy. Combo kits like this one where you get a drill/driver and an impact wrench didn’t exist.

The Makita 12V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit puts out professional power at a professional, sometimes variable speed. All in a rugged and compact design. The Makita LCT209W includes Makita 12V Max Combo Kit Reviewtwo cordless tools for drilling, driving, and fastening – an impact driver as well as a drill/driver.

Plus a rapid charger and a kinda sweet aluminum, spy looking case to carry them around in.  The Makita 12V Max Combo Kit is the most purchased combo kit online and will make any guy, or girl, feel like a pro.

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makita 12v impact driver kit review

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Makita 12V Max Lithium-Ion Combo Kit reviewSo how much torque are you going to be getting?

The variable speed impact driver puts out 800 in. lbs. of torque. The variable speed drill understandbly is a bit less, it can produce 200 in. lbs. To figure out how many ft lbs. that is, divide by 12.

If you are thinking of using the impact driver for automotive stuff, 800 in. lbs. is almost 70 ft lbs.


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This 12V Makita combo kit comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries. Of course it comes with its own charger (no need to get another if you buy other Makita tools,) and it is energy star approved if that’s your thing.

The charger earned the energy star rating for meeting the strict energy efficient guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.

One huge plus here in the Makita battery department is that it’s a rapid charger. It’s important to point out in this review that even though it is energy star rated, it still charges batteries in 30 minutes. Not only does this mean that you can always have a battery charging and nearly ready to go, if you do run out of juice, you only have to take a break for 30 minutes before it is completely ready.

The Makita 12V Max lithium-ion batteries provide longer run times compared to the NiCad’s.


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Makita 12V Max Combo Kit ReviewDrill/Driver:

  • 2 speed, 3/8″ drill and driver – 0-350 revolutions per minute in low speed
  • 0-1300 rpm in high

Impact Driver:

  • Variable speed impact driver – 0-2400 rpm and 0-3000 impacts per minute


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Both the 12V Makita drill/driver and impact driver are really, really light and pretty compact. The drill tips the scales at 2.2 lbs. and the impact driver at 2 lbs. Don’t worry, even though those are ultra light weight it doesn’t take away from their ability to knock out work.

These aren’t the heaviest duty cordless drills out there but both main pieces of the Makita 12V Max Combo Kit offer a nice trade. You get a light weight, compact, and rugged drill, driver, and impact driver without sacrificing too much.


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Makita 12V Max Combo Kit ReviewI went through several of the 142 Amazon reviews to come up with this section of my Makita combo kit review.  Some were not so positive, but most were. It is the best selling combo kit and has an average Amazon rating of 4.7 stars. If a customer review caught my eye with like a potential issue, I’ll mention it here or in the cons section below.

Most people had lots of good things to say about the tools. The biggest selling point seemed to be the price, the smaller size, and the rapid charging lithium-ion batteries.

Here are a few things customers had to say:

“I like the price, this kit is a real bargain, and the ergonomics of these Makita tools, but not the battery life. The very best thing about these is that they’re powerful enough to do just about everything I need to do with them but they cost half as much as the 18v kit.  (read more here: Makita 12V Max Combo Kit Review)”

“Again, the greatest advantage is that they’re so incredibly easy to have in-hand and on-hand, which I expect will improve workflow and lower the risk of repetitive stress injuries. And even if they only last half exactly half as long per tool, I’m still ahead of the game because, for less than the cost of an 18v kit, I have four tools instead of two.  (read more here: Makita 12V Max Combo Kit Review)”

“It is surprising the amount of power the drill and impact driver have for such small tools. I do a lot of cabinetmaking and these work great. Getting into tight spaces was always a pain…not to mention the weight of my 18-volt tools. For doing more everyday things, these have plenty of power.  (read more here: Makita 12V Max Combo Kit Review)”

“Easy to handle, yet surprisingly rugged and capable. No, these tools aren’t “heavy” duty, but for light/medium duty work, they’ll more than suffice. (read more here: Makita 12V Max Combo Kit Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.7

Pros & Cons

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makita 12v combo kit ReviewPros:

Where do we start with the pros of this combo kit from Makita? There are a few I’d like to point out but keep in mind, all is not positive with this set.  There is a con or two.

Quick Charge

  • This is a huge advantage. I have 3 different brands of cordless drills. All of them are quick charge as well – all take an hour.  The Makita combo kit takes only 30 minutes. Boss.

Free Shipping

  • This seems to be like a never ending deal from Amazon and yes, they are offering it with the Makita 12V Max Combo Kit. I think it has to do with the price.

Makita 12V Max Combo Kit ReviewDon’t Work in the Dark!

  • Both the Makita impact driver and the 12V cordless drill have LED lights. They come on when the trigger is pulled and then stay on. The lights go out a few seconds after releasing the trigger – 12 seconds to be exact. I timed it.

No More Melting & Exploding Batteries!

  • Okay, okay – this may be an urban myth. But if it’s not, you don’t have to ever worry or think about your batteries again. The Makita 12V Max Combo Kit comes with a smart type charger that doesn’t overcharge the battery. This prolongs battery life, even better with the lithium-ion.

Makita Warranty

  • Every Makita lithium-ion tool comes with Makita’s 3 year warranty that covers repair due to defects in materials or workmanship up to three years from the date of original purchase. Makita lithium-ion batteries and chargers have a limited 1 year warranty.

makita cordless toolsCons:

As much as I hate to say it because I want you to buy one, I noticed that there were a couple things about the Makita 12V Max lithium-ion combo kit that people didn’t like. One was about the battery output and the other was about the torque setting on the impact driver.

First, the disadvantage about the batteries. I saw that 2-3 people were not as satisfied with the how long the batteries lasted while running. here is what they said:

“These batteries don’t have enough capacity to get me through the average day, but they charge fast enough to make up for it – at least as fast as I’m ever likely to deplete them.”

You’ll notice though that they also wrote that they charge so fast it doesn’t matter.

And then the one other complaint I saw had to do with the impact driver not having a torque value you can select like you can with the drill/driver. Well first, it’s an impact driver. You’d like to maximize torque during the impact.  To each their own I guess because you may want the Makita impact driver to break away at a certain setting.

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makita 12v impact driver kit reviewFeatures Overview:

Impact Driver: 800 in-lbs.
Drill/Driver: 200 in-lbs.
2-2.2 lbs.
Rapid Charge?
Yes, 30 minutes
# of Batteries


So what’s the verdict? 2 thumbs up baby! I hope you found this Makita 12V Max Combo Kit Review helpful.

You get a drill/driver and an impact driver, plus 2 batteries, a rapid charger, and a pretty slick metal case. The batteries charge in 30 minutes and come with a year long warranty. The tools have a 3 year warranty.

Both drivers have trigger activated lights that will light up your project if you are under the hood, in the attic, or in a crawl space. Add in the free shipping and the compact size, where can you go wrong?

The Makita 12V Max Lithium-Ion Combo Kit gets our stamp of approval as being a great combo kit to own. It will work great for the beginner to homeowner and then probably up to a moderate do it yourselfer.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to either send the site a message or email, or leave a comment. One of us will get back to you.

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