Low Pressure Boilers Book Review

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What are the 4 most basic books every building or stationary engineer should have? Of those four, how many do you think a regular homeowner should have?

This post is going to be a review of the book Low Pressure Boilers. It’s not going to be the garbage copy taken from Amazon but a real review from a building engineer.

The four books, imo, are:

  • Low Pressure Boilers
  • High Pressure Boilers
  • Modern Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Uniform Mechanical Code

And I think every person that is taking care of their own home or families should know a little about engineering, trouble shooting, and repairs. But that’s just me and I’m not most people. Are you? How can people not be hungry to learn more?

Low Pressure Boilers Book Review

low pressure boilers booksIt’s important to not pigeonhole yourself. Just because you don’t work on boilers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to understand how they work. The same fundamental engineering concepts show up over and over again throughout your day, weekend, and life.

Imagine after reading this book you being able to explain how your furnace works at home. You’ll know what it should be doing based on the same principles. The same goes for your vehicle. Boilers are all about exchanging heat. So is your furnace. So is the radiator in your car. Don’t be afraid to gain knowledge!

Heck, every place I’ve worked at that has required a steam engineer’s license, regardless of the class, has paid for the books!

All of them – the low pressure boilers book, the study guide, the workbook. Make sure to find out if you can take advantage of that. It doesn’t hurt to ask if your employer has a reimbursement policy especially for items that will improve your job performance and knowledge.

Use the link below to get:

Low Pressure Boilers – Save 15% Today + Free Shipping

Who Should Get the book Low Pressure Boilers

Anyone looking to:

  • Get a steam engineer’s license.
  • Get low pressure boiler training.
  • Understand how boilers work.
  • Switch careers and get into building engineering.
  • Gain some basic knowledge of engineering concepts.

Low Pressure Boilers Summary

stationary engineer licensing

Color coded diagrams with simple explanations.

After using the Google to find out how to write a proper book review, one of the first paragraphs should be a summary. Like the stuff you’d find on the inside jacket if you were holding the book. Can you envision yourself with a piping hot cup of coffee finally sitting down to study for your boiler exam?

The book Low Pressure Boilers provides:

Knowledge on the safe & efficient operation of low pressure steam boilers, hot water boilers, and cooling systems.

The book can also be used as:

  • a jump start into the field of building or stationary engineering.
  • a study guide for getting your steam engineer or boiler operator license.
  • a technical reference book.

There are tons of pictures, diagrams, and schematics. Most are color coded for easy understanding.

It comes with a very detailed cd-rom (hidden in the back flap in a plastic sleeve, can’t count the number of people that didn’t know there was a cd in the back) as well that is just as helpful as the book itself. More on the cd and how it is invaluable below.

The 4th edition of Low Pressure Boilers came out with some improvements like:

  • More emphasis on energy efficiency.
  • More emphasis on environmental issues.
  • More fundamental concepts.
  • Expanded topics like water treatment, ASME boiler classifications, and NFPA.

Okay, okay. Here is what they (the authors) say (paraphrased):

Low Pressure Boilers includes new coverage of personal protective equipment, burner control systems, steam principles, and emission analysis and control. An updated cooling systems chapter covers refrigeration principles and equipment, chilled water systems, and refrigerant recovery procedures.

Boiler systems and related equipment are shown in full color illustrations with explanations. This book is recommended by many licensing agencies for use as a study aid in preparing for license exams. Sample licensing exams are included.

My Opinion

low pressure boilers

Each chapter tells you quickly and easily what it’s about.

  1. I like it.  It’s easy to read and direct. It’s not loaded with technical junk.
  2. Broken down into clearly marked and designated sections for finding what you need quickly.  Draft system?  Check.
  3. I believe Low Pressure Boilers should be required for every stationary engineer, building engineer, or boiler operator.

Cool & Awesome

  • Factoids
    • Give out key info, easy to spot.
  • Media clips
    • CD is packed with media clips & tests.
  • Diagrams
    • Almost always in full color, with detailed explanations.
  • 15% off
    • Amazon is running a deal for this book.  Don’t know why or how long that will last but if you may want to take advantage now.

Not so Good

Having the work book and study guide separately is kind of lame.  Not just from the book but from each other also.  Neither are required but both help out a lot.

The price could turn people away as well.  Little steep compared to other books.

What Others Are Saying:

Many diagrams and illustrations. A lot of extra content on CD including videos and quizzes for each chapter. Highly recommended for someone wanting to take a state boiler operator exam or a city stationary engineer exam. 400 pages. Very in-depth. – Stationary Engineer (Rating: ★★★★★)

This book is a wonderful tool, it has a wealth of information and even has a cd-rom so you can take practice tests. It’s a very easy to read book. Highly recommended. – William Ajello (Rating: ★★★★☆)

Use the Link Below if You’re Ready

Low Pressure Boilers – Save 15% Today + Free Shipping

Technical Info

Authors: Frederick Steingress & Daryl Walker (interesting note – Walker used to be one of the stationary engineering union guys when I started out, now he’s writing tech manuals.)

Publisher: American Technical Publishing, 4th edition.

Price: $76.06 (again check into reimbursement.)

Plus, right now Amazon is running a deal where you get free shipping after ordering Low Pressure Boilers. Not all books offer this. This also applies to your entire order I think. You won’t get it overnight but you’ll get it for free.


This wraps up the Low Pressure Boilers book review. If you read through this whole thing, you should be able to make a really smart decision. And turns out, you may not need it.

There are plenty of pros like the free interactive cd. The color coded diagrams make it easy to see and recognize what is going on and Low Pressure Boilers explains it in simple detail. Don’t forget that the Low Pressure Boilers study guide AND the Low Pressure Boilers workbook are separate texts. They are not required (I do not have them,) they just help immensely (wish I had them lol.) Also, hit up your employer or supervisor to see if they will pay you back for you trying to improve yourself.  If they don’t, that’s a tax deduction for you to use next year!

Quit Stalling!  Get Smarter & Advance Now!

Low Pressure Boilers – Save 15% Today + Free Shipping

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below or send me an email. It’s lonely over here.

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