Klein MM100 Multimeter Review

Klein MM100 multimeter review

The Klein MM100 screen and dial selection.

For this last multimeter, and only 16 months later, we are going to review the Klein MM100. No, it’s not the most fancy meter that Klein makes, it’s probably one of their more basic models. The Klein MM100 is priced near the lower end of electrical multimeters and is about average for the ones we have reviewed. Perhaps it would have been smarter to start lower and work our way up to the more expensive ones.

At some work sites your employer will buy all of your tools for you. At one place, the hand tools they purchased were made by Klein. Klein was pretty much the industry standard for electrical tools among journeymen electricians back then. Not necessarily their multimeters but for sure their hand tools. With that in the back of my head, I had high hopes for the MM100 meter. Sorry, and no offense to Klein, but I don’t think I’d recommend this meter to you guys.

The Klein MM100 looks rugged enough, it has a very similar style hard case that the Triplett multimeter does. Hopefully you noticed that it reads “looks rugged,” now that I’ve felt it, it’s not that rugged or beefy. It would work at home, in your garage, and perhaps as a carry around meter for a light trade technician. It’s a stretch to say it is heavy duty. It does have the Klein name attached to it though.

It has a 600V rating and can measure current up to 10 amps DC. The Klein MM100 might work well for the homeowner, the person that fixes their own vehicle, or some hobbyists.

Here are some features you may want to consider before choosing any multimeter:

  • Digital.
  • Audible indication.
  • Compact.
  • Universal use – volts, amps, resistance.
  • At least 600V rating.

Klein MM100 Multimeter Review

Klein MM100 kickstand

One of the pluses, it does have a kickstand.

The digital Klein MM100 multimeter can measure AC/DC voltages up to 600V and DC current up to 10 amps. It also has the pretty much standard low battery indicator and a data hold button. It isn’t a super fancy meter by any means and the manual ranging is kind of a bummer. I guess the main reason for having a manual ranging feature would be for the person that needs precise readings that they can dial in and narrow down.

For example, if you are trying to measure something that is 110V while in the 600V range, your reading would be less accurate. If you set the meter range for 200V, you get more precision. Ya dig?

The Klein MM100 has:

  • A digital display.
  • A kick stand.
  • Lead holders.
  • Data hold feature.

And those are pretty much the high points. It is an inexpensive, no frills model. Do I think it would survive the hard use of someone on a job site where this meter is in your tool bag, getting some sort of light abuse? Not really. It would survive though in a garage toolbox or a drawer.

Earlier in the post I mentioned the meter having the Klein name attached to it. This means you get the Klein warranty as well. The MM100 is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Klein MM100 – First Impressions

Klein Multimeter review

The Klein MM100 multimeter before opening.

This meter got ordered a while ago but stayed unopened until now so that we could write this up. And don’t forget, this is the exact meter you will be getting if you win the monthly drawing. Yes, that has been a while too. If you don’t know what I’m talking about click here to read about the giveaways. Emails to follow shortly to the members.

From outside of the package, as if you were picking it up inside a store, this is what you’d see:

  • Manual ranging meter.
  • 600V, 10 amps.
  • And you can see the continuity, battery and diode tester symbols, etc.

And that’s about it from the outside. This meter is again, the basic model. For a few dollars more, really, you could get an auto ranging meter with a few more functions. So unless you really have to have a Klein meter at the lowest price, if I were you I’d look around and compare first though. Anyways.

What Was Inside the Package:

Klein MM100 review

Everything inside the MM100 packaging.

Just the standard:

  • Instruction Manual in a couple languages.
  • 36″ Test Leads.
  • 9V Battery.

Don’t worry, I didn’t use the battery that came with the meter to test it out or pose it for the photos. That sweet green one is still sealed for you.

Read enough? You can click here to go check out this Klein meter or others like it over at Amazon.

Klein MM100 Pros

Here are some of what you could consider positive features of this meter:


  • You can view this as a positive if you need a meter that measures essential electrical functions. It does those things and does not cost way too much extra for stuff you don’t really need it to do.

Klein Warranty

  • Mentioned this just a second ago. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

Low Battery Warning

  • It has an indicator on the screen that pops up for a low battery condition inside the meter.

Test Leads Are Stubby & Long

  • The removable test lead caps allowing you to go back and forth between stubby and more probing test leads are nice.

Klein MM100 Cons

Klein MM100 test leads

The short probe tip that comes with the Klein MM100.

The cons have kind of been spread out throughout the post.

You could probably spend another $10 and get a more rugged meter that is also auto ranging. A manual meter can be more accurate but if you don’t want the headache of switching ranges or remembering to. Compared to the other meters on here, this one doesn’t have any sort of back light either. If you plan on throwing this into your heavy duty tool bag, make sure it is always on the top.

Klein MM100 – Operation

And lastly for the Klein MM100 multimeter review, the basic operational features:

  • AC/DC Voltage – <600V
  • DC Current up to 10 amps
  • Resistance <10 M ohms
  • Battery Test
  • Continuity <100 ohms
  • Diode Test
  • Data Hold
  • Standard Test Lead Storage

If you absolutely have to have this meter, you can use the link below to go check it out or compare other meters.

Klein MM100 Multimeter at Amazon


Klein MM100 Multimeter Review Conclusion

basic multimeter

And here is a test lead for the MM100 with the cap removed, exposing the longer tip. That’s what she said.

The Klein MM100 multimeter is the last one from our comparison chart. Unless you guys would like more multimeter reviews… Psst, let me know if you’d like more in the comment section below, don’t be shy. Or, we can switch over to more mechanical hand tools for a while too. This should wrap it up. You pretty much know everything that I do about it, you now have enough information to make a decision. Does the meter meet, exceed, or fall below what you will need it to do on a regular basis? If it does, cool! If the Klein MM100 falls well below what you had in mind, I would for sure keep shopping.

Hope you found this review of the Klein MM100 multimeter helpful. Go ahead, check it out. Remember, this exact meter is the next one to be given away. Sign up and become a member in order to be entered to win it. Existing members that check your email, you don’t have to do anything. Super simple. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or message.

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