Free Tool Drawing & Giveaway

tool raffleYep. You read that right. Free tool drawing and giveaway for all site members. Existing and new. You might be kind of confused, and just want to know how to enter so you could win a free tool. In a nutshell, you need to sign up. You must become a member (free) of That is it.

Quickly, here is how it will work (at first):

  1. Mr. Building Engineer Training (me) buys a tool or product to review.
  2. Tool or product gets delivered to me.
  3. I’ll review the item – open it, take pics, write about it.
  4. After a month or two, random numbers will be assigned to all members.
  5. A drawing will be held, whatever number comes up, gets the item.

Yes, This is a Bribe

Why am I bribing you?

Because I want members! I want people to read the content, engage with each other, the site, and me. It would be awesome if you guys thought of someone else like a friend or co-worker that could benefit from maybe winning the tool that we’re giving away and shared it.

Now, I’m not going to ask you to share it on Facebook or Twitter… okay that would be cool if you did too.

I would like to gain an audience that is into tools, repairs, maintenance just as much as me. We can talk about it, come up with topics together, and hopefully more.

free tool drawing giveawaySign Me Up Right Meow!

If you don’t care about reading the mumbo jumbo below and just want to enter, click here and you’ll be taken to the member sign-up page. Sign up, become part of the site, check your email. A welcome email will be sent you.

Of course there are conditions, and me being the person running the site, I get to set the conditions. One of the perks of being the boss. The boss of what? No idea.

The rules or conditions of the free tool drawing are:

  • below,
  • random,
  • and subject to change.

Free Tool Giveaway Rules & Conditions

Again, since this kick ace site is not owned or operated by you, I get to make up the rules. These can be subject to change at any time. I might change them up a little as we go but probably not too much. The only way I can see that happening is if things start going south – like nobody is signing up and the same person keeps getting free tools, or if it feels like someone is gaming the system, know what I mean? If that were to happen, the whole tool drawing idea will get scrapped.

Here are some more conditions that apply to the tool giveaway. If you have any suggestions or changes, I’d love to hear them. Now, if they actually happen, that’s another story.


All you have to do to enter is sign up. By signing up and becoming a member, you are now entered into every tool review or product giveaway drawing we do here. Yes, the tool or product, the value, and when will all be random but hey, free stuff.

Check your Email

It’s important that you check your email at some point after signing up. I may or may not send a welcome message personally handcrafted. I’m sure you are aware of the dreaded internet spammers (not me.) Because of them, they have software that goes out and signs up for email lists. I need to make sure that you are not one of them.

If you do happen to get your number drawn, you will be notified via email. Don’t miss that message t-bone! If you don’t reply within 7 days, count ’em, 7, a new number will be drawn.

It Pays to Sign Up

You only need to sign up one time. Existing members will always get a random number assigned for each and every tool giveaway drawing.

Earning More Entries

twitter iconYou can earn more entries into each tool giveaway by doing different things. Kind of shooting from the hip here so this list or whatever will probably change and evolve as time goes on. For now, doing any of the items listed below will get you another number in the drawing.

Since you’ll already have one from being a member, these will just get you extra numbers, increasing your chances of winning.

Referring a Friend

  • This could also be a co-worker like in an engineering department. If you do refer a friend, make sure you let me know to be on the look out. Like, hey, I referred John Smith, via email or something.


  • If you share a post like on Facebook, Twitter, or G+, each one is another entry. Again, let me know. 1) to make sure you get credit and 2) so I can go check it out lol.

No Set Date

There isn’t going to be a set date or time period when this happens. It’s going to be completely random, but kind of dependent upon my finances (ha ha, but not really) and how long it takes me to review each item.

The free tool giveaway drawing will start and stop at any time.


Getting the tool to you will be on my dime as well. This will limit the shipping area to just the U.S. Heck, it may be too expensive to ship stuff to Alaska or Hawaii, guess we’ll find out. Maybe if you do live in another country and you absolutely want the tool you won, you could arrange the shipping? Something we could discuss anyways.

Basically, the site isn’t going to pay an arm and a leg to ship something somewhere. Hopefully it’s only going to be a few bucks.


The biggest thing that my “field” in the military promoted was integrity. You could actually screw up but for the most part if you were truthful, punishment was limited. All they preached was integrity.

If you sign up, you can be assured that you:

  • won’t be spammed by the site – don’t really have those auto email senders even, no worries.
  • will never get any of your info shared with anyone – your email stays here and only here.
  • have a legitimate chance at winning a tool – the tool will never be used, worn out, etc.

Call To Action

What are you waiting for? All you have to do is become a registered member of the site and you may get a free tool shipped to your door. You also may get the occasional email.

Get going. Sign up below.

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