Fluke Multimeter Symbols

fluke multimeter symbols chart

The dial choices on a Fluke 115.

A cool thing about using wordpress (the platform that powers this site,) is that it shows you at a glance on your dashboard, some of the search terms people have used in the last couple days to get to your site.  I have noticed one that semi-regularly keeps popping up on there is “fluke multimeter symbols.”

As of now, I had nothing up about it.  I do have a couple different things about Fluke though so the Googs saw that and thought, oh, his site is about Fluke.  Alas, it is not.  That is only 1 of about 68 ways I try to monetize this place.

Anyways, I brought the user’s manual home from work for my meter.  I was going to try and re-create the symbols in Paint or something.  Yeah, no.  Then I tried to take a picture with 2 cameras, no?  Okay whatever.  Finally, and what I should have frickin’ done in the first place, I went to their site and found the online manual for my meter, the 115 in this case.

I found the little symbol explanation chart they had in there and snapped a screenshot.  After some real super quick cropping, we have the image below for your perusal.  The symbol and what it measures.

Fluke Multimeter Symbols Image

(115 at least, probably standard for most Flukes)

fluke multimeter symbols chart

Don’t be an idiot.

If you don’t know how to use a meter or don’t understand or respect electricity, I wouldn’t start here.  See sentence above.

See how the line above ac voltage is wavy and the line above the v in dc voltage isn’t?  This is to indicate to you what you’re measuring.  Some can auto sense, others can’t.  The wavy line represents alternating current or ac.  The straight line means direct current or dc like from a battery or emergency system maybe.

The horseshoe symbols measures resistance and is stands for ohms.  We’ve talked about Ohm’s law before here.  It also is a part of fraternity culture bro.

Diode test?  Never done one.  The like echo looking things, radar maybe, means an audible signal.  It can beep for you when testing certain things like continuity.

Here is a link to all the manuals for this meter.  If you don’t have this link but still want info, you can still go there and then use the drop downs to find the info you need.

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