fluke 115 true rms digital multimeter

Fluke 115 Meter Review

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fluke 115 meter review

A Fluke doing some work.

I decided to write a Fluke 115 meter review.  The Fluke 115 is probably the industry standard for workhorse meters.  I have a ton of different model Flukes but for all around use, durability and reliability, this is the meter.  Some in my own words, you’ll be able to tell, others are snippets from Amazon.

People love the Fluke 115 from homeowners to construction workers.  Find out why.

The company that probably sets the standard for tools in the building engineering industry is Fluke.  They make the pocket voltage detectors, huge electrical monitoring devices that you can hook up to switchgear, and they also make these multimeters, commonly called voltmeters.

The handheld Fluke true RMS digital multimeter is a required tool for any serious building engineer OR anyone at home that wants to do some electrical projects.  Actually a meter of this capability may even be overkill for home use unless you plan on doing dome serious stuff.  I use mine at home but I test and troubleshoot things (checking why a trailer taillight isn’t coming on.)

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Why the Fluke 115?

Rating: ★★★★★

It is their base model and will do more than enough for the standard homeowner or engineer.  I am not fully aware of the full range of this tool, someone like an electrician would.  I only use it for the basic components of electricity – check voltage readings, continuity, resistance, fuses – the basics baby.

fluke 115 meter review

My own Fluke multimeter at work.

With this you can easily:

  • Take readings on like voltages, ohms.
  • Test fuses.
  • Test switches.
  • Troubleshoot like lights, computer components.

It is handheld, has a light, comes with a holster, battery, test leads & manual.

It is expensive but what is I would say is a mandatory tool.  Again, perhaps an overkill for just the normal homeowner.  There are meters that do the same functions but aren’t as rugged or famous as Fluke.  Like I said, Fluke kind of leads the way.

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Need more convincing?  Keep going, more of the Fluke 115 meter review awaits your scrolling.

The Fluke 115 is:


fluke 115 meter review

The Fluke 115 has a little kickstand for easier viewing.


Accurate, easy-to-use, and comfortable to carry in the palm of your hand, this multimeter does it all.  Lightweight and compact, the Fluke 115 is easy to handle, making it perfect for measuring voltage, amerage, resistance, and circuits on the go.  Use it on the jobsite or around the house–wherever and whenever you need a general purpose, portable meter that gives clear, accurate readings.


Complete with a backlit digital display that features large digits for easy reading, the Fluke 115 is exceptionally user friendly. Its straightforward labeling clearly shows the function of each button, dial, and jack.  And best of all, this True RMS meter gives you easy-to-understand readings.  For example, a simple beep indicates when a wire or fuse is functioning properly.  No beep?  You need to check something.


Fluke 115 True RMS Meter

My Fluke 115 inside a cabinet. See the backlit display?

Intuitive operation ensures accuracy.  The Fluke 115 auto ranges, and it guards against common errors that could lead to inaccurate readings.  For example, if you forget to turn the dial to ‘A’, and then feed current into the meter, or if you switch the dial to ‘A’, but forget to switch the lead to amps, this meter will alert you.


Versatile and safe, the fluke 115 can handle everything from 200ma to 1A, it also allows you to check continuity, frequency, capacitance, and perform a diode test.  It measures 20 A (30 seconds momentary, 10 A continuous) and even provides accurate measurements on non-linear loads.

Compatible with ToolPak, a convenient magnetic holder (sold separately), the Fluke 115 will give you even greater on-the-job portability.

I would like to point out that there are indeed other meters out there.  Cheaper even.  The Fluke 115 may be too much for some people, but the cheaper meters will almost for sure be not enough for you in the future.  Plus, the Fluke name, warranty, and quality won’t be there.

Fluke 115 Meter Reviews

fluke 115 rms meter

Fluke 115 testing fuses.

  • Kickace meter.  See the entire post above.  –Me
  • I’m not married to any particular brand of meter, but every time I trust Fluke I am pleased. This meter looks cool. It feels right in the hand. It is incredibly simple to use, and very accurate. –Brian SwanSword
  • A digital meter is essential for checking the various components, voltages and circuits. I was using a less expensive Craftsman meter that worked fine for me but wanted something smaller.  So I bit the bullet to purchase this “over $100” unit and have no regrets. The feel of this meter was just right in my hand. The readings felt much more solid/consistent. For example, the window not only shows a number, but a scaling line which made comparing voltages quicker. –Paul E. Drabik Jr.

So are you tired of putting off projects or not crossing stuff off your to do list?  Well, don’t be!  Get the Fluke 115 compact true rms multimeter and test that socket, replace that switch.

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