February 8th Tool Giveaway

IMG_20150103_020852Okay, in this case multimeter giveaway would be more appropriate probably. Way, way back, like a month ago, I wrote that the plan was to buy a tool here and there with the intent of reviewing it and then giving it away to one of you awesome people.

The first drawing was for the Amprobe AM-510 meter, which after reviewing it, turned out to be a good feeling meter. I waited until midnight as 2/8 rolled in to be fair to any last minute members lol, and then closed it down. When you guys sign up as members it adds your username to a list and assigns a number. For example, I have a “test” member, the site assigned “him” as #1. You dig?

So, you all have numbers assigned. In total, there is a massive 12 members. I take up 2 of those spots with my tester and a personal one. Of course I didn’t include my numbers. This left 10 members and their numbers. I went to a random number generator and had it pick one between 3-12. We have a winner.

This person already knows they won, I emailed them yesterday. Psst  – haven’t heard back. And if I don’t, we’ll pick a new number. The winner of the first free tool giveaway, the AM-510, goes by the username SMBrooks81. Woo hoo. Nice. Like I wrote him yesterday, shipping is on my dime within reason in the U.S. Not to some tree fort or cave, or the boonies like Alaska.

Anyways, thanks for signing up and becoming members. I know you also had to withstand a plethora of emails, like 1 or 2 maybe?

Quick mention of the members/numbers/odds though, you can see a huge increase in odds if you do one extra thing – like share any post on Facebook or get a friend from work to sign up. Doing so, and letting me know, ups your chances. Especially now with fewer members. Take a look.

We had 10 people this time. You had a 1 in 10 shot or 10% chance at winning the meter. Yeah? Let’s say you did get a friend to sign up. That would make 11 people but now you have 2 shots while everyone else still has the one. You now have a 2 in 11 shot or 18% chance while everyone else now drops to 9%. I for sure want to make sure you get credit if you do go above and beyond by sharing, referring, whatever – make sure you let me know via email, message, or comment.

After some advice from a co-worker who suggested that I stick with multimeters, the next one is already done and up. It is for the Innova 3320 multimeter, and you can check it out in more detail using that link. The plan is to give that one away March 8th, a month from now.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to make this better or cooler, I’m open. Peace out home slices, have a great Monday. Congrats SMBrooks81!

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