DEWALT Max Trim Compressor Review – D55140, 1-Gallon, 135 PSI

DeWalt Max Trim Compressor reviewThe Dewalt D55140 is a dependable compressor that can be easily operated by one person, not that most air compressors can’t. It has a compact design, is very lightweight, operates very quietly and is an ideal tool for finishing. It can be used for remodelling jobs as well as pressure testing of plumbing lines.

And don’t let the little diamond decking fool you.  It says right on it – no step.  Lol.

This compressor is powered by a 2.6 Amp motor that can provide 0.75 SCFM at a rate of 90 PSI which can be stretched to a maximum of 135 PSI. It also equipped with a high-flow regulator. The pump is oil free which allows for maintenance free operation. This unit is built from heavy-duty cast-iron and the frame provides complete protection from routine wear and tear and a little bit of rough handling. Also, the key compressor components are further protected by a control panel which wraps around the frame. This compressor is only 9 inches wide and weighs only 24 lbs.


DeWalt portable air compressor reviews

  • 1 gallon capacity compressor with protective roll cage
  • Maximum pressure output of 135 PSI
  • Maintenance free pump – oil free
  • Noise level is low – only up to 69 dB
  • Low power motor – 2.6 amp
  • Sturdy construction made of cast-iron
  • One year warranty
  • Just 9″ wide
  • Weighs only 24 pounds
  • Amazon Best Seller

The Good

We were impressed by the overall build of the DeWalt Max Trim Compressor. Since it is made up of heavy-duty cast-iron, it can be handled roughly and it can withstand the routine wear and tear which is inevitable for such a portable unit. Also, the extra protection provided by the control panel is noteworthy.

dewalt air compressorsAnother impressive feature of this heavy duty air compressor is the low level of noise it produces. At 69 dB, it operates very quietly and you won’t need to wear any protection to operate it safely. In fact, we were able to have a conversation with the unit operating closely to us. It is one of the quietest air compressors we have found and we are truly impressed by the low noise level in this unit.

The unit weighs only 24 pounds and is just 9 inches wide. The small size means that it can be easily carried to wherever the job demands.

The 2.6 amp motor provides enough power for a unit of this size. We were able to use it for finishing jobs and some minor furniture work at our place. We also tried using this unit with an impact wrench to loosen a stuck bolt and it worked perfectly. Also the tank capacity of 1 gallon was enough to use it with an impact wrench, a hammer and a ratchet in small spurts.

The Bad

Though DeWalt makes great tools, every tool has its limitations, and this unit is no exception to the rule.

One of the biggest gripes we have with this unit is that it cannot be used continuously for very long periods of time. It is true that it can be used to provide power to an impact wrench and other such small tools for a small amount of time but if you want to go longer, you need to wait between 30 seconds to a minute so that tank can fill up and provide air.

One of the worst reviews said that the compressor doesn’t always work. Many customers have reported that the compressor has a lot of problems. Personally, I have never been around one that didn’t NOT work for a reason – no power, abuse lol.

Many customers reported blown fuses whenever this unit was left on for a longer period of time. The fuse can be replaced but it leads to waste of time.

It is not easy to repair. When the fuse blows, it takes a lot of time to open up the compressor and replace the fuse. One of the customers has commented that he had to modify the whole unit to place the fuse outside for easy replacement.

Our Verdict

Overall, we feel that the DeWalt Max Trim Compressor is useful for small jobs around the house.

Woodworkers and carpenters will find it especially useful for finishing work. Since the unit is so portable, it can be easily carried around and is very convenient. The low power motor does the job for its size.

Overall, this is a great unit for small to medium jobs and is great for people who need to do occasional work around their houses. And at this price, it is definitely a steal.


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