Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – DeWalt’s Handheld, 18V, Contractor Grade

cordless vacuum cleaner

The 18V 1/2 Gallon Portable DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner.

Lucky you found your way to this page. You must be looking for an easier way to quickly clean up kind of bigger messes or maybe an easier way to vacuum your car? Without having to drag out the huge wet dry vac? Believe me, I know. I have to run at least two, usually three, extension cords to power up my shop vac.

Not now though. Get a beefy cordless wet dry vacuum with a HEPA filter and portable capabilities. I was going to write a review of this cordless vacuum cleaner actually skewering it, ha ha. For real.

Everyone got one at my work a few months ago, the pics in this post are of mine. I kind of thought it was worthless. Really. You think I’m really going to bother cleaning up a mess with this mini cordless shop vac? Turns out, eventually yes. This handheld cordless vacuum turns out, is quite handy and rugged. Wish I would have used it more sooner. Damn you stubbornness!

Anyways, If you’d like to check out this contractor grade cordless vacuum review, click the button.

Essentially a Cordless Shop Vac

cordless wet dry vacuum

The product info for the DeWalt cordless shop vac.

DeWalt makes this heavy duty, rugged cordless vacuum with replaceable battery. Even me being a tool guy didn’t know this existed. I was skeptical. And then proven wrong over the next couple months, ha ha. Figured it would be gutless. It’s not. Thought, what could you really pick up with a cordless portable vacuum that has a 1/2 gallon tank?

Enough to make it easy and convenient that’s for sure.

Maybe it’s mud in your car. Or sawdust, or drywall dust along a counter, or a puddle of water in front of the washer, this familiar yellow DeWalt brand cordless vacuum WITH a HEPA filter and replaceable battery can do it.

Highlights of the DeWalt 18V Cordless Vacuum

When we all got this I really just tucked it away and used the big shop vacs – at work and at home. Then guys at work started using theirs for jobs around the facility.

It fit inside our toolboxes for one, and for home use, you can take it anywhere super easily. Like the attic for example. Anyways, here is what DeWalt, and Amazon, list as the best features:

  • Wet and dry performance with 1/2-gallon tank
  • Lightweight, portable, and cordless design
  • #1 best seller in shop wet/dry vacs
  • Front utility nozzle and a durable, extendable rubber hose
  • Washable, 0.3-micron GORE HEPA wet/dry filter captures 99.97 percent of dust
  • Three-year limited warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee

My Highlights for You

The absolute best feature is that you can take it anywhere.

It might look too rugged, it doesn’t look like a traditional cordless vacuum cleaner. That’s right it doesn’t. It comes with the battery and charger if you like (or without if you have ANY type of DeWalt 18V type battery (more on that below.))

But think about it, no more cords to get out to do little stuff. You’ve now got no limits.

Rugged and light – carry right to your car. If you think about it, this thing is the perfect handheld vacuum cleaner for your car. Perfect. Muddy dog, or soccer players, wet floor mats, it can suck it up ha ha.

This is the shipping footprint – 19 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches, pretty small.

The DeWalt 18V wet/dry vac goes wherever your work takes you with its cordless design and 1/2-gallon tank. Contributing to its portability, the entire wet/dry vacuum weighs just 6 pounds.

The DC515K also features a large on/off switch that is easy to access with one hand.

Cordless Vacuum with HEPA Filter

cordless vacuum hepa

It comes with one HEPA filter – good down to .3 microns.

This baby uses, and comes with a HEPA wet/dry filter that’s rated at 0.3 microns and traps 99.97% of dust particles. This capture rate helps to keep the air you breathe cleaner and safer when it exhausts out the back after being filtered.

The washable 0.3-micron filter is super simple to clean. You can either tap the filter clean or rinse it clean with water. Not a complicated cleanup, no chemicals, no soaking.

HEPA Filter Tip:

I would recommend letting it dry between dry uses though if you do happen to wash it. If you are still using it as a wet vac, keep on a truckin’. If the filter is wet, and you suck up dry objects like dust or sawdust, it will stick to the filter much more. This is why you should let it dry.

What You Get:

  • DeWalt’s DC515K 18V Cordless 1/2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac
  • 1 HEPA Filter
  • 1 Hour Ni-Cad charger
  • 18V XRP Ni-Cad battery
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Service Contract
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Cordless Vacuum with Replaceable Battery

cordless shop vac

Use the front nozzle or detach the the 1.25″ diameter hose. It stretches up to 2.5 feet.

You might be thinking “hmm, nickel cadmium batteries though?” Yes, they are becoming outdated but with DeWalt’s XRP extended life battery system, the trade off is worth it. Remember up above when I said, more on the replaceable battery later? Here’s why:

A tool is useful only if it runs long enough to get the job done. The DeWalt XRP extended run time batteries keep this cordless vacuum cleaner running. They provide up to 40% more run time than standard Ni-Cad batteries, and ANY XRP battery can be used with any 18-volt DEWALT tool, which allows you to expand later by adding other DeWalt cordless tools. Especially if you like it’s performance.

The #1 Best Seller

Not just for handheld cordless vacuums, or for cordless wet dry vacs. It is the legit #1 best seller on Amazon for ALL wet dry vacs. That’s kind of crazy and if you’re like me, you didn’t really pay attention to it.

Amazon Rating = Rating: ★★★★½

My Rating = Rating: ★★★★☆

Here are some actual examples of what others have said about it. Their pros and cons if you will.

Doug –

  • Five stars.
  • Great tool for fast cleanups.

The Haynals –

  • Great wet/dry vac with lots of flexibility, but loud and poor battery.
  • Good suction, picks up very fine dust (and keeps it in the vacuum.)
  • Great portability for a wet/dry vac.
  • No cord to wrestle with.
  • Easy to empty.

Angela L. Rollins –

  • This is the best small hand-vac known to man.
  • A mom’s best friend.
  • Kids love to use it too — Hooray!

To see that these are actual reviews, or to read even more over at Amazon, click here. Not joshing you, people like it.

For a Cordless Handheld Vacuum…

cordless vacuum with replaceable battery

This is where you open the 1/2 gallon dust bin.

Built to make clean up quick and easy, it has dual clean-up modes. What does that mean? Check this out, it’s pretty cool.

There are two ways to suck stuff up. You can use it like a handheld cordless vacuum because it has a rigid front nozzle. Or you can pull the flexible hose out and use it in tighter spots.

The hose stretches out 2.5 feet and is the SAME SIZE as other wet vac hoses so those attachments will work on it.

Finally, a heavy duty latch secures the tank when the vacuum is in use, and is easy to release when it’s time to empty and clean out the tank.

To Buy

If you think you’d like to check out the DeWalt 18V portable vacuum cleaner over at Amazon further, or maybe buy it, use the following link or click the button.

I prefer Amazon because they generally have the best prices which are updated for competition, and also because we can trust them.


DEWALT 1/2-Gallon 18V NiCd Cordless Wet/Dry Vac
In Summary

If you’re looking for one of those monstrous, cordless shop vacuums, this might not fit your needs.

If you are looking for one that is highly portable, as well as tough enough to get wet and dry messes, you should consider getting the DeWalt cordless vacuum cleaner.

Versatile and light, removable battery and washable HEPA filter make it an excellent choice for the homeowner, handyman, or construction worker. Soccer Mom’s could appreciate it I’m sure. Suck up that caked up mud.

Just the Replacement HEPA Filter Maybe?

Use this pic, or text link below, to get there at Amazon. It easily washable and reusable.

cordless vacuum hepa filter

A replacement HEPA filter.

DEWALT HEPA Replacement Filter For DC515

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