cordless drill comparison chart

My 18V DeWalt

I am getting better at putting these things together, the first 3 were kind of rough and time consuming.  Still are lol.  I think this cordless drill comparison chart that I just finished today is the best so far.  That’s not saying much though, it still seems primitive, no?

What you’ll find below:

A cordless drill comparison chart.  The drills were selected from only a couple of criteria.  First I wanted to include a variety of cordless drills – from light duty all the way up to heavy duty work like construction or home remodels.  Also I wanted to include popular ones so I checked the Amazon best sellers list for cordless drills.  Adding in the price and the best variety I could, this is what I came up with.

The comparison chart should be sortable by column I believe, I don’t think that does any good.  I laid the cordless drill comparison chart out differently than the others because I really like the images across the top and then reading down.  Which do you guys prefer?

Also, more info below.  The plan is to have a little bit about each drill in the chart, below the chart so then you look at it a little bit closer.  I’ll do that soon.  For now, the only buying links are at the bottom of the cordless drill comparison chart where it says Amazon.  All the other links, you stay here like the DeWalt review (since I have that cordless drill.)

Cordless Drill Comparison Chart – 2014

Black & Decker 20-volt Matrix Drill
Black & Decker 20VMax Lithium Drill/Driver
best cordless drill 2014
DeWalt 18V Drill/Driver kit
Black & Decker
Black & Decker
Tech Name
Max Drill/Driver
DeWalt DC970K-2
Weight (lbs.)
Battery Type/Qty
Lithium Ion/1 or 2
Lithium Ion/1
Lithium Ion/1
Quick charge?
No/5-8 hours
Yes and no/4-5 hours
Yes/15 minutes
Yes/1-2 hours
Level? (imo)
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
10 clutch settings
"matrix" bit system
long battery life (use & storage)
built-in light
11 position clutch
long battery life (use & storage)
16 torque settings
rapid charge
18 clutch settings
2 batteries
quick charger
contractor bag
Amazon Rating

Cordless Drill Comparison Chart Notes

cordless drill comparisons

The speed and clutch settings.

The only drill out of these that I own is the DeWalt 18V drill/driver.  Actually two, one at work, one at home.  If you’d like to read my review of it, click here.  Or you can go to a little separate product page I made for it as well, it’s less like a review, click here.

The rest of these drills, anything I say is based upon being a building engineer, an ex-submariner, and a super heavy duty do everything sort of guy.

For example, I wouldn’t have much confidence in that little 7.2 V Skil.  For the stuff I do, or would want it to do even maybe eventually, that cordless drill wouldn’t cut it.  It would work for someone like an apartment owner or someone that doesn’t do as much around the house.  It would be great for certain aspects of remodel projects like mundane screwing for cabinet hardware because it is lighter.

The Drills of the Comparison Chart

Note: the links below here will take you to Amazon for your closer inspection.

DeWalt 18V Drill/Driver Kit

  • dewalt 18v cordless drill/driverWe’ve already talked about that one just above, use those links.  Highlights – heavy dutiest of the duties, 2nd lightest in the cordless drill comparison chart.  Quick charge, 2 batteries, contractor bag, DeWalt brand/reputation/warranty + it’s 53% off.  Lowlights – NiCad batteries.

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DeWalt 18-V Drill/Driver Kit

Black & Decker Max

  • Black & Decker 20VMax Lithium Drill/DriverThe 20V Max looks like the fancier, heavier duty one between the Matrix and the Max.  That is very difficult to keep straight.  The Max doesn’t look like it’s trying as hard to be tuff like the Matrix.
  • The Max is about $10 more than the other B&D drill.  Both are variable speed but the Max has an extra clutch setting or two making it probably a more versastile drill/driver.  Plus it has the no-slip kung fu grip and a work light.

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Black & Decker 20-V MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

Black & Decker Matrix

  • Black & Decker 20-volt Matrix DrillLooks like you get free shipping.  It also appears to be the flashier cousin visiting from up north when compared to the Max.
  • It also has the B&D matrix holding system.  Like a modular system for your cordless power tools.  B&D says this allows you to mix and match your tools to suit your needs.  I may be missing something with the Matrix but I don’t see anything groundbreaking.

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Black & Decker 20-V Matrix Drill

Makita 18V Lithium-Ion

  • Makita 12V Max Lithium-Ion Combo Kit ReviewThis cordless drill is the one I use at work.
  • Lightweight, powerful. You can get this drill from Makita with 2 batteries, 1, or none. Batteries quick charge in 15 minutes or less!

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Makita 18V Lithium Ion

If I had to simply rank them in order

Using my personal and professional, unbiased opinion of course.

Heavy to light duty

  1. DeWalt
  2. Makita
  3. Max
  4. Matrix

Value – most value to least

  1. Max
  2. Makita
  3. DeWalt
  4. Matrix

Handiest for your hard earned $

  1. DeWalt
  2. Matrix
  3. Max
  4. Makita


Hopefully this comparison chart for cordless drills is an improved version of my earlier ones.  That is all this is right, a learning process?  My first table was really bad, the second one was just a little bit awful.  Now this 4th one for cordless drills isn’t half good lol.

Again, to put this together, I went by popularity, brand name, price, ratings, among other things.  Not very many other things.  We’ve got the comparison chart and then below that are some notes by me.  Lastly we have the drills in a ranked order by category thing.

Like this?  Useless?  Do you have one of these drills that you would like to mail to me for absolutely nothing in return?  Do you have one of these drills, or any cordless drill, or any tool, that you would like to review?  You can review a tool, write something up, we’ll publish it here and then you can brag to all of your friends how a website published some of your work.  Let me know.