This is the contact page for me and this site,  My name is Steve Larsen and I am the man behind the curtain here.  I started this site in December of 2013.  Back in 1992 I joined the Navy (more here on my About Me page) where I served aboard a submarine as a nuke machinist’s mate.

After my service ended in 1998 I went directly into building engineering and have been doing it ever since, so nearly 16 years now?

Why you may want to contact me:

  • You’ve got an idea for like an engineering best practice you want to have published or discussed.
  • You hate my writing and/or this site.
  • You want to recommend a tool or service.
  • You are a contractor who knows how to do awesome stuff and you want to share.
  • You are a contractor and you’d like to run an ad in my engineering site sidebar.
  • You want to comment on something but don’t want it public.
  • You want to subscribe before this becomes a small paid membership site in the future (once in, you’re in.)
  • Any reason at all.

How to get in touch

  • Email me at (not the best way.)
  • Use the contact form below (2nd best way.)
  • Subscribe over in the right sidebar there and then you’ll be free to communicate (best way :-).)
  • Email me at (not the best way but better.)

That is it.  Do not hesitate for any reason.  I hope to hear from you!

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