Best Tool Bag For The Job? CLC Stand Up Bag Is Sweet

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CLC 1528 23 Pocket Tool Bag Review

The storage tray below the CLC 23 Pocket Tool Bag helps provide the stable base.

In any trade, you are exposed to a lot of different tools and tool bags. Most of us, even if you work around your house and aren’t an electrician, compare tools with other dudes, or ladies, and make judgments on how well they work or operate. How long does it last, does it look like it works well? That sort of stuff.

Below is a quick review of one of my favorite tool bags that I’ve come across. As a building engineer, I have two favorite portable tool bags, this one, the CLC 1528 – 23 pocket bag, good for electricians, maintenance guys, or homeowners doing projects where it’s a pain to make trips to get different items. With the CLC bag you get storage for a variety of items, not just tools.

You can store tools, parts, tape, some larger items like a pipe wrench even. And the bonus is that it stands up.

Anyways, my other favorite tool bag is of course the old classic leather pouch that gets worn in like a baseball glove. But, you can basically only carry tools and you have to lay it down wherever you are working. If you were maybe working on a wet rooftop, the tool bag from CLC here would be a much better choice.

If you were doing some project in your attic, like running Romex, the big CLC bag would hold your wire strippers, wire nuts, probably a coil of Romex and then also not fall over in the fiberglass insulation all over your attic.

So, as far as tool bags go I think the CLC 1528 model here, with its 23 pockets is for sure one of the better all around choices, especially for overall function and purpose.

One time one of the companies I worked for purchased another property. They already owned a few in the area so they pooled up some engineers from all of the buildings to man it up. Before we moved over there, we all took a vote on the tools and tool bags we wanted. This bag from CLC is the one we chose to open that building with. Still have it, I do like the bag.

Read the pros and cons, and the rest of my review below. Let me know if you have any questions.

CLC 1528 23 Pocket Tool Bag Review

CLC 1528 23 Pocket Large Electrical & Maintenance Tool Carrier

It carries some of everything.

I guess we went over up above why I think this is one of the best tool bags for any job. Now in this section, kind of just going to list the pros and cons, and some of the features of the bag.

Quit making trips to get different parts or tools.

Put your phone in the dedicated spot so that if you are up in the attic or out on the roof and you need something, you can call your husband or wife, or son – Hey, put the ladder back up so I can get down!

If you want a handy tool bag that stores everything you’d need at a moment, this CLC tool bag is it.  Here’s why.

CLC 1528 Tool Bag Features

Quickly, here are the features that make this tool bag a little bit different from the others.

  • 16 outside pockets, 7 inside – organize a wide range of anything – parts, tools.
  • Multiple compartment plastic tray slides into bottom of tool bag; organizes small parts.
  • Box shaped design prevents tipping.
  • Large main, inner pockets are divided & have elastic loops to handle large tools.
  • Extra padded carrying handle, adjustable shoulder strap.

Tool Bag Description:

One of the main things I don’t like about this bag is having to try and write out the name ha ha.

The CLC 1528 large electrical-maintenance tool carrier makes an excellent choice for homeowners, the handy do it yourself type, electricians, repair technicians, pretty much whoever. Anyone who wants or requires a wide variety of tools to always be close at hand.

This tool bag from CLC also provides frequent access to various smaller parts by providing a dedicated parts tray, which stores in a bottom zippered section of the bag.  The tray is 11″ x 6″, fairly large and stays hidden.  It’s cool and one of the better features of this particular tool bag.

There is a main inner pocket and then like 2 large side pockets to that main.  Elastic straps all around, pockets and pouches all around the outside.  2 straps or clips for tape and stuff, the hidden parts tray.  The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable but I don’t like it too much.  I prefer the padded handle right in the middle.

CLC 1528 23 Pocket Large Electrical & Maintenance Tool Carrier

Top view, the main center pouch.

Pros of the CLC 1528

Here are what I would consider the pros or advantages of this CLC tool bag. There are only a few but come on, it’s a tool bag. You kind of know what you need it to do for you. This are the things the bag features that I like.

Flat, Stable Base

  • The large flat base on the CLC 1528 tool bag helps keep it from tipping over, even when tools are in, out, in place, thrown in.
  • It also keeps tools securely stored when moving around on the job, whether climbing or maneuvering through tight spaces like up in your attic or crawlspace.
  • The tool carrier offers 9 main-compartment pockets, as well as 15 exterior pockets to organize a wide variety of tools, parts, and accessories.

Durable Construction

  • Ruggedly built, the 1528 tool bag features a heavy-duty poly fabric body and poly ballistic binding. Plus you get the CLC brand name and quality.

Mesh Side Pocket

  • Provides a one zipper close small mesh exterior pocket for quick identification.

High Amazon Rating

With over 200 reviews, and none below a 4 star, this tool bag is obviously one of the best tool bags for the job.

Average User – Rating: ★★★★½

If you would like to read what others have said, you can use this link to check out the Amazon review page for the CLC 1528 tool bag.

CLC 1528 electricians Tool bag

My bag chillin’ on a blanket.

Cons of the CLC 1528

And a review wouldn’t be fair without pointing out what I feel are the qualities I don’t like, the cons. Things you need to know before making a decision.

Harder To Carry

  • I think because of the stable base design the CLC 1528 tool bag is harder to carry. The shoulder strap goes over the center and the handle is also over the center. Since the bag is square shaped it is slightly bulky, making it harder to carry.

Little Expensive

  • As far as tool bags go, I would consider this one a little bit more expensive than others at just under $40. You could get a much cheaper pouch but it for sure would do all of the same stuff. You get what you pay for right?


That wraps up the CLC 1528 23 pocket tool bag review. You should be able to see why I think it may be the best all around tool bag for any job. You can store tools and parts and not have to make trips. Also it is super hard to tip over. If you think this is the tool bag for you, use the button below to go check it out over on Amazon.

Amazon Lowest Price Button

Yo – in some of the pictures of the tray or bag, you may catch a glimpse of some stuff – screws, wire nuts.  The plastic tray that comes with the CLC 1528 tool bag is empty.  You fill it with your choice of items after saving all that money ha.

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