What Are Ball Valves Used For?

ball valves

Ball valve internals.

Ball valves are stop valves that use a ball to stop or start the flow of fluid.

We have talked about stop valves before, and how unlike throttle valves which regulate flow, they completely start and stop fluid flow. At least they should anyway, if you understand English and comprehend the sentence I just wrote, ball valves are not throttle valves and should not be used to regulate fluid flow.

Just like gate valves, if you use them to throttle flow, you will shorten their lifespan which ultimately means more work for you. Or me. Don’t let me catch you doing it.

Ball valves are used extensively in industrial applications because they are very versatile. They can support pressures up to 1000 bar, which is over 14,000 psi, and temperatures up to 752°F (500°C) depending on the ball valve design and construction material. Plus, they are super easy to repair and operate as you can see from the pics. What is there, like 6 pieces? Read more

Gate Valves

what is a gate valve

Cutaway view of a gate valve. The yellow part is the gate.

Gate Valves – what they are & when to use them

There are too many types of valves to cover them all. An earlier post covered some valve basics, you can click here to start there if you like.

Basically there are valves that start and stop flow completely, or valves that throttle and control the flow of fluid. Valves are designed with their purposes in mind, if we need to shut off fluid flow completely, we will use a stop valve.

One of these stop valves is called a gate valve. We are going to briefly discuss gate valves, their design, and classification types. Read more

Valves – what they are & the basic types

what is a valve

Both a check valve and stop valve. Snazzy.

For today’s post, we are going to briefly talk about valves.  We have talked about a few systems or components you might see as a building engineer or facility maintenance person, equipment like pumps and systems like chilled water.  Today we are going to keep on truckin’ along the mechanical equipment side, add this one to the pumps.

Valves are everywhere.  They control a lot of things, can be any size pretty much, and are a wonderful invention.  When was the last time you saw or used a valve?  Um, how about all the time?  Your shower, sink handle, garden spigot are all different types of valves.

If your kitchen sink has only one handle and combines the hot and cold water, that’s a mixing valve.  If it has like two bladed handles, those are individual stop valves.  Your car has valves.  Your bladder or whatever has a valve kind of. Read more