Condenser Water System

condenser water system

Cooling tower of a plant.

This post is going to cover an average condenser water system you may see out in your jobs as building engineers. Also, you might find it cool, if you’re not an engineer, to be able to explain to your friends what is happening when you drive by a city and see the steam evaporating from the tops. You’ll know.

You’ll be making some long car trip, someone inside will go “I’ve always wondered what that steam is coming off of the towers for the nuclear plant.” And you’ll then go “I know. It’s the condenser water system. Now buy me lunch.”

Yep, nuclear power plants use this system, buildings in downtown Manhattan, hospitals in Nebraska, pretty much all have condenser water systems. They are vital.

It’s going to go over the function of a condenser water system, have a simple drawing or two of how you’ll see it connected to a building, property, or facility. I like the drawings, they make understanding how a system works much easier. Read more