Fundamentals of Engineering #4 – Let’s Define Energy

definition of energy

Helium atom
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Sweet.  This is where we start to get into the fun and interesting stuff – where the engineering magic happens.  Energy!  Physics is like a riddle or puzzle but energy is behind everything just as we’ve discussed before.  Driving your car, working out, sleeping, all energy transformations and transfers.  Engineering magic also happens with tools too.  Energy and tools baby.

What is Energy?

Everybody knows what energy is right?  Well you do.  Energy is one of those words, for me anyways, that is easy to “get” but technically hard to define or pin down.  Maybe because it exists everywhere?  And I didn’t used to “get” energy either, I guess because it was everywhere you kind of overlook it and take it for granted.  You plug something into the wall and it works. Read more

Fundamentals of Engineering Module #3 – Physics Terms

engineering fundamentals

Acceleration formula

Welcome to the third fundamentals of engineering module.  Unfortunately for you we are still setting up the structure, or groundwork for engineering and physics.  We still have plenty to go over – energy, units & measurements, conversions – too many to list.  For today though we are going to cover just a few.

Today is going to be about terms like speed and velocity and also inertia.  Again, since this is basically a course for me to learn again, I’ll try to give simple examples when needed.

If you are looking for module #2 on Newton’s Law’s, click here. Read more

Fundamentals of Engineering – Module #2 Hepcat Isaac Newton

Look at this dashing fellow - I bet he got all the ladies.

Look at this dashing fellow – I bet he got all the ladies.

What is up, what is up?  Coming up below will be the 2nd fundamentals of engineering post.  In the first, we went over matter, atoms, stuff like that.  Then last week a post went up about basic electricity.  That too is very fundamental and could have easily gone here.  I decided to put electricity into the electrical section of the training category in case you’re interested.

So to keep going with laying our foundation of building engineering fundamentals, we next get to talk about Sir Isaac Newton, and some of his laws.  I’ve only got 3 of them so it’ll be quick.  I will try to provide some simple, maybe fun examples.  And again with the laws named after him.  Boyle’s Law, Ohm’s Law, Larsen’s Law dammit.  A quick little bio on Señor Newton and we’re off. Read more

engineering fundamentals

Fundamentals of Engineering – Module #1

basic engineering fundamentals

Legos…building blocks…engineering?

Let’s start with the basics.  I could use a little refreshing on the subject as it has been a few years, ahem, since I looked at this stuff.  Since we are still in the early stages of the site it would probably be better to write out these training modules in some sort of order.  As they increase, then you can hop around and read about what you like.

For this post, let’s just focus on some engineering fundamentals.  These are important because the things we may do in our building engineering or HVAC technician jobs are based upon these fundamentals and principles.  A plumber as well as a homeowner both need to understand fluid flow.  An electrician, mechanic, and again, homeowner all kind of need to understand electricity.

Before we get into specific mechanical or electrical systems, we need to understand the foundations of engineering, the building blocks, laws, definitions, and principles. Read more

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