Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – DeWalt’s Handheld, 18V, Contractor Grade

cordless vacuum cleaner

The 18V 1/2 Gallon Portable DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner.

Lucky you found your way to this page. You must be looking for an easier way to quickly clean up kind of bigger messes or maybe an easier way to vacuum your car? Without having to drag out the huge wet dry vac? Believe me, I know. I have to run at least two, usually three, extension cords to power up my shop vac.

Not now though. Get a beefy cordless wet dry vacuum with a HEPA filter and portable capabilities. I was going to write a review of this cordless vacuum cleaner actually skewering it, ha ha. For real.

Everyone got one at my work a few months ago, the pics in this post are of mine. I kind of thought it was worthless. Really. You think I’m really going to bother cleaning up a mess with this mini cordless shop vac? Turns out, eventually yes. This handheld cordless vacuum turns out, is quite handy and rugged. Wish I would have used it more sooner. Damn you stubbornness!

Anyways, If you’d like to check out this contractor grade cordless vacuum review, click the button. Read more