Makita 18V Cordless Drill – Best New Drill of 2014?

Tired of Your Drill Dying Mid Screw?

best cordless drill 2014

Please don’t die…

Seems to happen every time doesn’t it? Maybe it’s that last piece of sheetrock, or only halfway through putting the screws back in. It’s gonna happen right? And if you’re like me at all, this happens at the worst possible times lol. Not anymore people. Guess what? Someone has made a better tool for people like us! Finally.

How are you? You must be a do it yourself type of person, or project person. Otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to find your best cordless drill option, especially for 2014, and as 2015 nears.

Cordless drills have been around now for what, 30 years? The first one I saw was a Makita, my Dad had it. By today’s standards, it would be clunky and bulky. As I got older and into doing everything, I have gone through my share of cordless drills. Maybe 5? Tell me if you have ever had this problem when you are working on something?

There you are holding something in place like a piece of plywood, over your flipping head. Or holding two pieces of wood together, just exactly right, if you get the screw in there right now to make a perfectly lined up joint, and then your cordless drill dies…

Talk about aggravating.

I just got flippin’ tired of always running out of battery juice. It wasn’t just the running out part that was bad either. I had a virtual graveyard of cordless drill batteries on my workbench. Seriously. Two from one brand, three from another. Sitting there taking up space.

At most, the best cordless drill battery would last maybe 15 minutes. And this one wasn’t even sentenced into the graveyard, this was a “good” one. They took forever to charge, and would barely even hold one then. You can’t tell me you haven’t experienced this? And ha ha, usually I do a lot of work on Sunday’s, football is on, trying to finish a project. Argh. Maybe this battery will work for 5 minutes while I charge the other… Been there, done that.

And then by chance, it all changed! Too dramatic? Yeah. But really it did.

I guess I was too stubborn to realize it, but I had been hung up on the old style of 18v cordless drills. These were no longer necessarily the best cordless drills anymore, there is a new standard and these are it.

Best drill I have ever owned.

This is hands down, all around the best drill I have ever used. I usually use DeWalt but after using my father-in-law’s Makita I bought this. Great for light to medium/heavyish projects. It charges fast, has 2 speeds and a responsive trigger. Has a led light to illuminate where you are working and has a super sweet ‘holster’ attachment that I now wonder how I ever got along without it.

I highly recommend this, great quality and an amazing price.

A real powerhouse of a drill!

Fast charge! Well balanced weight wise, and lightweight. Small and comfortable to handle. The real key is that this is a POWERHOUSE of a drill! Long battery life from each charge as well. Fantastic item and lightning fast shipper.

Here is the Makita 18V Cordless Drill

best cordless drill 2014

The new 18V compact Makita.

Your drill is probably:

Too Heavy

  • This compact drill from Makita allows you to work overhead longer if needed, or even just carry it around.

This feature is probably what helps maybe make this the best cordless drill of 2014 – the weight. It only checks in at 3 lbs. Compare that to the 5 and 6 lbs for some of its competitors.

Too Weak

  • Never again will you not have enough juice to drive a ton of screws at your desired torque setting.

This 1/2″ compact cordless 18V Makita can produce 480 in-lbs of torque. This is a lot for such a light drill. More power is never a bad thing. For comparison, another classic cordless 18V drill produces only 450 in-lbs of torque (30 in-lbs less) and weighs almost TWICE as much (3.3 lbs to 5.5 lbs.)

Won’t Hold a Charge

  • The lithium ion batteries charge in 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right. No more waiting for a charge.

These batteries charge 4x faster than NiCad. The 2 lithium ion batteries that come with this 18V Makita kit are lighter, charge faster, and hold their charge longer. The 2 included batteries are 65% lighter and more compact than nickel cadmium also. And it doesn’t make sense to buy another $70 battery for an old drill.

Poorly Lit?

  • It’s got a trigger sensitive work light that stays lit while you work and then for another 5-10 seconds after you release the trigger.

Pretty slick but becoming a tool standard. My old drill(s) didn’t have them so it is a nice feature. Working in the attic, or underneath the car maybe removing oil pan screws, the trigger light is helpful.

Makita 18V Cordless Drill Size

top rated cordless drills

Comparing the two 18V batteries…

The 18V Makita cordless drill is perfectly sized. And as you can see from the torque, it doesn’t lack in power despite being a legit compact drill. It only weighs 3.3 lbs. Frickin’ light. Most drills run around 5 lbs or more. It’s only 8″ across the top. Smaller than the width of a piece of paper.

Makita 18V Cordless Drill Quick Charge

Like I wrote above, these lithium ion batteries charge 4 times more quickly than the old ones. You can be working, easily swap one out, and put the other in the charger.

The charger looks basically like a computer and that might take me a while to figure out. It’s got indicating lights, sounds, warnings. All I know is that I took the two new batteries out of the case and both were fully charged and ready for action in under 30 minutes.

The charger automatically optimizes battery charge time and battery life using like a memory chip and charger interaction. The Makita charger can sense how to best charge your batteries to maximize their life and output.

Makita 18V Cordless Drill Warranty

No shockers here, Makita backs their 18V cordless drill with a 3 year warranty on the tool itself. The batteries and charger come with a one year warranty. That is a pretty good safety net in case something does go wrong as it does with anything. Just be sure to register it after you get it. I’m a stickler for warranties lol. The free ones anyways. And you should be too.

More Makita 18V Cordless Drill Features

Dual Speed

makita 1/2" 18v drill driver kit review

Highlights of the drill from the packaging.

Kind of standard on most cordless drills now, this Makita is no different. It’s got slow (1) and fast (2) speed settings. Make sure the drill is stopped before changing speeds and that you have picked the right speed for the material you’re going to be drilling in. The first setting rotates at 0-400 rpm, the second setting goes from 0-1500 rpm.


Makita has made good, solid, reliable tools. Perhaps the best cordless 18V drill of 2014 is no exception. It has an all metal two speed transmission for reliability and changing up the speed. This multiplies the amount of stuff you can do, or the number of projects you can tackle with the same drill.

Motor & Bearings

The motor is a powerful, 4-pole design and has dual steel ball bearings for longer, more reliable service.


Makita improved the ergonomic design of their cordless drills. They added a new rubberized soft grip for increased comfort. This really reduces the amount of fatigue you feel while using the drill. Then you factor in the way less weight of the drill…

Makita 18V Cordless Drill Kit:
best 18v cordless drill

Unboxing the Makita.

This specific 1/2″ Makita 18V compact lithium ion driver-drill kit, comes with:

  • 18V Drill
  • Charger
  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Belt Clip (handy if you are moving)
  • Classic Makita Hard Case
  • Double Ended Bit (phillips & straight head)

There are other options also, more below. Keep in mind that for all of the options, the drill is the same. Only the battery options change which then impacts the cost. The kit here is the most expensive one, but you can easily lower your cost by getting one battery, or even none. I wanted a back-up.

Good quality

Bought this for my husband and he loves it and has had no problems with it. Good quality and good price.

Strong and long lasting

Great drill, very strong. Had the clutch set to max drilling holes in oak tree stump. When I hit a hard spot, the drill almost spun out of my hands, but didn’t stall. Also been using it around the house drilling holes here and there for wife. Battery still going strong.

Click To Buy Now

best cordless drill 2014

If you’d like to check out the same 18V Makita drill with one battery – click here.

If you already have Makita lithium ion batteries and just want the bare tool – click here.

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit

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DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit

The ratings for this drill don’t lie! Out of 800 ratings, 640 are 5 star!

Imagine how you’ll feel when you stand back and admire your work, standing in the living room looking at the new shelves you just built and installed. Or maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll be enjoying a beer while admiring your handiwork.

I know it’s 2014, but this post went up at the end of 2013. And yes I know this model of the 18V DeWalt is kind of getting older. But with this drill, you aren’t beating:

  • the durability
  • the reputation
  • the strength
  • the price (53% off)
  • the feeling of holding it

In this review of the DeWalt 18V Drill/Driver kit by yours truly (building engineer/serious DIYer), you should be able to find out if you could use this drill or if it would be too much. If you work hard, this drill will match you screw for screw.

People can’t mistake the quality of DeWalt tools. From it’s bright yellow color, to the smooth, comfortable grip, their tools are the standard in most labor trades likes electricians, engineers, mechanics, etc. They are also standard in the homes that do projects, build stuff, or garden.

DeWalt 18V Drill/Driver kit

DeWalt 18V Drill/Driver

Rating: ★★★★½

List Price: $189.00

Price: $89.00 & Free Shipping

You Save: $100.00 (53%)

Click here to get the DeWalt 18V Drill/Driver Kit at Amazon

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