Tool Roll – 32 Pockets With Socket Pouches, Perfect for Work, Vehicle

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CLC 32 Pocket Tool Roll – you know the tools aren’t included yeah?

Are you looking for another way to carry your tools around? Have you thought about using a tool roll? They don’t seem to be as popular as they used to. We used them a lot in the military because they saved on space and kept tools organized.

Tool rolls are great for your vehicle, you can stow them under a seat, or in a cubby in your trailer or RV. People that go on motorcycle trips sometimes throw one into their backpacks. I use mine primarily at work since it is easy to carry out onto various roofs and into mechanical spaces. For as small as they are, you can pack quite a bit into one. Plus, when you unroll it you can see what tools you have on hand.

I showed this tool roll, the 32 pocket CLC model, to a friend here at work and he said he had never seen one. They are convenient, save on space, and are an inexpensive way to lug your tools around. Read the post below and decide if you think $12 is worth it.

CLC 32 Pocket Tool Roll

tool carrier

The socket pockets. The velcro above closes over the sockets.

Just like the site name suggests, I work as a building engineer. My primary use for the tool roll is when I need to have a selection and variety of tools on hand when I am away from my main toolbox. I flipping hate having to make trips for that one wrench or a bigger screwdriver. I will make a pit stop at my toolbox, and either just grab the roll by the handle since I know what’s inside, or I will swap things out if I need something else, and then go make the trip. Imagine being out on the roof somewhere working on something like a fan AND NOT having to make trips to go get something.

Here is a quick list of the features of this inexpensive bad boy:

  • Measures 14″ wide by 28″ long when unrolled.
  • Elastic straps hold your tools in place.
  • Fairly robust handle.
  • Has specific pockets for sockets on one end.
  • Socket pocket section closes with its own velcro flap.
  • Adjustable length and quick release buckles.
  • Tool roll pocket sizes vary for different tools.
  • “Rain flap” that covers your tools when closed.

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best tool roll

Here is what I carry in mine – with extra pockets to spare.

Check out the picture to the right. These are all of the tools I carry around in it. For how small this thing rolls up, that’s quite a few. Rolled up and closed, with all of the stuff pictured inside, it measures about 5″ in diameter, easily small enough to fit underneath a seat or in the trunk of your vehicle.

Right now it has different screwdrivers, a nut driver set, a small ratcheting wrench set, a couple pliers, fuse pullers, different wire strippers, and a small 3/8″ socket set with ratchet. You should be able to tackle most jobs with that assortment.

Think about making a quick fix to your trailer out camping with it, or needing something at the boat launch and being able to pull out the right tool. I have broken things on my trailer while camping a few times and needed different tools. One time the water pump froze and burst a line while out in winter, we had let the pump sit idle for too long. I was able to remove the pump completely and connect the water lines together. Talk about saving the day, thanks tool roll!

Someone else suggested this and I have to agree. I think the only improvement CLC could have made to this product would have been including a shoulder strap just in case you needed a free hand. Other than that, it is well designed and constructed.

best tool roll

The “rain flap” thing – as you roll it up, this covers and protects what’s inside.

CLC is selling this product on both Amazon and their website. The price is roughly 33% cheaper through Amazon. And, if you have Amazon Prime, shipping may be free for you. This tool roll has a rating of 4.5 stars and comes with a CLC warranty.

The warranty for this items states:

  • CLC tool holders and soft side tool carriers are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship for the normal life of the product. This warranty does not cover normal wear, abuse, accidents, neglect, or damage caused by use of the product for a purpose other than intended.

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CLC Tool Roll Conclusion

tool roll

Rolled up and buckled. You can see the “rain flap” exposed slightly.

Are you convinced that you should get this yet? I can’t say if this is the best tool roll or not because it is the only one I have. It is not the #1 seller on Amazon, that spot belongs to a bucket boss model but that also costs more.

CLC makes a variety of tool carrying products. If you have skimmed this site at all, you might have seen a post on tools a building engineer should carry. You can see in that post that in my building engineering duties I use a CLC electrician’s tool pouch. There is also another one on the free standing electrician’s tool carrier made by CLC. Hmmm. Maybe I have a thing for CLC? Not really since these were all purchased by my engineering employers and not me.

By having this product, you no longer should need to make trips to your toolbox. If you are working on a project in your attic or if you are at the marina getting ready to launch your boat, you should have already thought ahead to what problems you may encounter and what tools (and parts) would be required to make the repairs. So get this item and load it up. Play around with it. Experiment with the best set up, you can be sure I do. Do you offset the screwdrivers or do you put them in the same slot? Decisions decisions.

Do you have this tool roll already? I’d be interested to read what you have to say. Do you love it? Can’t stand it? Let us know in the comments please. Do you guys think this should be the next product given away to a member? It sounds like a good idea to me.

Use this link to check it out at Amazon

Best Tool Bag For The Job? CLC Stand Up Bag Is Sweet

CLC 1528 23 Pocket Tool Bag Review

The storage tray below the CLC 23 Pocket Tool Bag helps provide the stable base.

In any trade, you are exposed to a lot of different tools and tool bags. Most of us, even if you work around your house and aren’t an electrician, compare tools with other dudes, or ladies, and make judgments on how well they work or operate. How long does it last, does it look like it works well? That sort of stuff.

Below is a quick review of one of my favorite tool bags that I’ve come across. As a building engineer, I have two favorite portable tool bags, this one, the CLC 1528 – 23 pocket bag, good for electricians, maintenance guys, or homeowners doing projects where it’s a pain to make trips to get different items. With the CLC bag you get storage for a variety of items, not just tools.

You can store tools, parts, tape, some larger items like a pipe wrench even. And the bonus is that it stands up.

Anyways, my other favorite tool bag is of course the old classic leather pouch that gets worn in like a baseball glove. But, you can basically only carry tools and you have to lay it down wherever you are working. If you were maybe working on a wet rooftop, the tool bag from CLC here would be a much better choice.

If you were doing some project in your attic, like running Romex, the big CLC bag would hold your wire strippers, wire nuts, probably a coil of Romex and then also not fall over in the fiberglass insulation all over your attic.

So, as far as tool bags go I think the CLC 1528 model here, with its 23 pockets is for sure one of the better all around choices, especially for overall function and purpose.

One time one of the companies I worked for purchased another property. They already owned a few in the area so they pooled up some engineers from all of the buildings to man it up. Before we moved over there, we all took a vote on the tools and tool bags we wanted. This bag from CLC is the one we chose to open that building with. Still have it, I do like the bag.

Read the pros and cons, and the rest of my review below. Let me know if you have any questions. Read more