How to Clean a Steam Y Strainer

how to clean a y strainer

Steam y strainer – it’s the dark looking y to the left of the valve.

A couple months ago at work, we were having issues maintaining the proper pressure on one of the low pressure steam systems.  The cause, well one of the causes, ended up being due to a clogged steam y strainer.  Using some pics, this post is going to go over cleaning a steam y strainer.  There are a lot of factors actually in choosing how often to clean them, we probably aren’t going to get into that.  It’s just important that if you do operate a steam system with y strainers, keep it in the back of your head that you should do some preventative maintenance on them.

I’m not a home heating expert by any means but I believe I have seen y strainers on them as well, tiny little ones that look like sideways y’s.  Those should have preventative maintenance done as well.  They are easy. Read more

Loss of Electrical Power Procedure – Building Engineer Training

loss of electrical power procedureThis procedure is going to cover a loss of electrical power in your building.

There are a few situations that can occur at your facility that are more critical and emergent than others. A loss of electrical power is one of them. I would say it is in the top three of most critical. Depending on your facility or property, it may be #1.

I worked at a property where a certain bank leased out most of the floors. Two of the floors were deemed critical facilities. From what we knew as lowly building engineers, pretty much all west coast electronic transactions went through these two floors.

It was rumored that if these floors lost electrical power, “went down,” the bank lost close to $1,000,000 per minute in transaction fees. They put immense pressure on us to ensure that our emergency power generation system was always ready to roll and in perfect condition. Read more

How to Blow Down a Boiler

how to blow down a boilerYou know what’s going to happen when you open that last valve on the boiler for your blowdown, you’ll feel that high pressure steam go frothing and rumbling past the valve disc and seat. You know you’ll catch that familiar smell of the pipes and insulation heating up during those few steam filled seconds.

You don’t? Good thing you’re here then, today we are going to cover how to blowdown a boiler. Blowing down a boiler is easy, exciting, and there are reasons we do it as building engineers and maintenance people.

Bottom blowdowns involve periodically opening valves tied to the mud drum to allow boiler steam pressure to force accumulated sludge out of the boiler. Read more

How to Change a Ballast

how to change a ballast

Execution time old ballast.

Have a light blinking in your home? Does it stay on for a few minutes, turn off, then come back on, over and over? You probably have a failed ballast. Sure it can be intimidating but read this article and by the end you’ll be a pro.

I originally had this article up over at ezinearticles, it was my most popular one over there.  Near the bottom of every article an author is allowed to have a resource box – one where I can write “click here to check out my site.”  Since this site is new, I wanted to change my resource box on the how to change a ballast article to link to here,

Over the past like 3 days, they have rejected it 4x.  I got this right?  Ezine won’t let me link back from my own article that I gave to them?  Um, okay.  I shall just take it away then and have it up on my site?  Hello? Read more