Klein MM100 Multimeter Giveaway

Klein MM100 multimeter review

The Klein MM100

The review for the Klein MM100 multimeter went up at the end of August. Most of you have for sure already read it. If you did, you can see that I would have to consider it to be at the bottom of all of the multimeters reviewed here. And yay, it is the next tool to be given away to one of the site members. Ha ha. Who wants to win the least recommended multimeter? You #Wmardorf? Maybe you #willpham87? Those are the first hashtags I’ve ever used.

Do you guys want to continue with reviews of multimeters? Maybe we can move on to another category of tools? I don’t know, what do you think? Let me know via email or a comment below.

Per the usual, the drawing for the Klein MM100 will follow the same guidelines. When you subscribe as members the site automatically assigns you a specific number. The number range then gets put into a random number generator and it spits out a number. I write a post, send out a group email to all members with a link to this post, and then let the winner know. The winner, maybe you, then has a week to respond, otherwise another member gets picked and someone else gets it. So be sure to check your email. The meter will then be shipped to you on the site’s dime, if you live in the U.S.

The Klein MM100 was I believe the lowest priced meter that was reviewed here. It is your basic multimeter and doesn’t have an abundance of wow factor features. It is manual ranging but it does come with a Klein two year warranty. If you’d like to check out the entire review of the Klein MM100, click here.

The drawing will be done right after this. It only takes a couple of minutes. I do need to clean up some of the members though. Despite not adding too much new content lately, the number of members has increased quite a bit. Remember, if you get someone to sign up, or share something, you’ll get another shot, or entry, at winning the monthly tool. Just let me know if you do so that you get the credit.

I hope you all had an awesome summer. It is already mid-September, and fall is nearly here. Where did the year go? Things have been pretty much the same around here. I’ve been doing a lot of working outside. I have a wood pallet project going on right now. How about you? Any cool projects or ideas you’d want to share with the site? Always looking to hear about something cool. Alright, that about does it for this post. Until next time people.

Triplett 1101-B Multimeter Giveaway

multimeter reviewsYep, it’s that time of the month again when we give away another type of tool or something to one of the site members. We are still going along with the electrical meters. The last one I reviewed, the Triplett 1101-B (which you can read about here,) is the one being given away today.

What is this, the third meter to be given away? I know the member drawings had been held at the end of the first week of the previous months, and I also realize I’m a little behind. Sue me, it was a combination of forgetting and then being lazy. But here we are now. If you aren’t a member and just happen to be reading this by chance, you may like to look over to the sidebar and consider signing up. Becoming a free member entitles you to free tool giveaway drawings like this. Think about it.

As far as the Triplett 1101-B goes, it felt like an average to above average meter. The best thing about it was the temperature sensor that comes included, none of the other meters reviewed so far had that feature. Would I purchase this meter? Probably not. I would if I needed one to measure temperature in certain situations and was looking at decently priced meters.

And the winner is…

So by now you should know how we do this. When you join you get numbers assigned as members. I take the numbers, put them into a random number site and bingo. One gets chosen. I write a post (this,) send out a group email to all members with a link to this post, and then let the winner know. The winner, maybe you, then has a week to respond, otherwise someone else gets it.

This month, April, the member who gets the Triplett 1101-B sent to their house within reason is… well they signed up with their real name perhaps and I don’t think it would be cool to plaster it on a site. But they know who they are. Congrats.

And if it wasn’t you, again, don’t worry. There still aren’t very many members so your odds are still quite good ha ha. In fact, the number of new people joining has dried up slightly. Remember, if you get someone to sign up, or share something, you’ll get another shot at winning the monthly tool. Just let me know if you do so that you get the credit.

Anyways, hope things are well for all you jokers. I have been working outside a lot on my days off these last couple weeks. Getting a lot done. Pressure washed the back patio and chimney, as well as the brick on my house from about 2′ down. The house has no rain gutters so when water runs off the roof it hits the ground and bounces. These bounces sometimes take dirt particles with them that sometimes land and stick to the brick. Once one sticks, it’s easier for another particle to maybe land there and stick as well. It’s crazy.

Any of you guys been getting outside? Working around the house? Getting a trailer or boat ready for the upcoming seasons? I’d be interested to hear about anything you’ve got going on. Might give me some inspiration. Have a good one.

Innova 3320 Meter Giveaway

Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging MultimeterWhat is up readers and members of buildingengineertraining. com? How is everyone doing right now, at this very moment? If you’re reading this that means you are alive and still have your vision probably so that’s a plus.

Anyways, you all remember the tool giveaway idea right? Well it has been a month and the next drawing happened on March 8th. This time we were giving away the Innova 3320 meter, pictured to the right.

The first drawing was for the Amprobe AM-510, the winner and I wrote back and forth, and I soon shipped him the meter. Speaking of which, I have not heard back from him. Rude. No thank you, no “hey, got the meter.” Zero. Hmm.

I used the same process as before. At midnight on 3/8, I closed down the new member sign-ups so that everyone at that current time gets a fair shake. All members have numbers assigned. Using a random number generator, I had it pick one. And we have a winner.

This person already knows they won, I emailed them yesterday. They have already replied so I think this free drawing is locked down. I am still waiting on their shipping address though. I guess to some this may seem weird, or a scam, actually just signing up for a site and actually winning cool stuff for free, and then having it shipped to your door.

Just like last time, if I can’t get the details of the winner nailed down within a week, back to the number generator and we’ll pick a new number.

The winner of the second free tool giveaway, the Innova 3320, has the handle – kmccabe2. Shipping is on my nickel within reason.

Thanks again to all of you for signing up and becoming members. If you didn’t win the meter this time, don’t fret. I ordered the next multimeter to be reviewed last week and it should have been here by now. Soon, I will check it out, put up a lengthy review, and then give it to one of you in a month. After that I think there is only one more to review to round out the top 5.

What do you guys think, more electrical stuff or switch to something mechanical or a power tool? If you haven’t noticed, we have been sticking with the $20-$50 price range, so keep that in mind if you have suggestions for me.

Give a golf clap and tip o’ your hat to member kmccabe2. He’s got a nifty little testing meter soon to be headed his way. Have an excellent day people.

3 Skills A Building & Stationary Engineer Should Have

building engineerWe are going to steer away from the technical side of building and stationary engineering today and instead go over three skills, qualities, or traits every building, stationary or maintenance engineer should have. In my opinion.

Having all or at least some of these skills, or even being able to manage them, would greatly benefit you like say during an interview process. You could plan ahead because I guarantee you they will ask about at least one of these areas.

What are the areas?

  • Customer Service
  • Prioritization
  • Multitasking

Now, below, we will go over these each individually, hopefully quickly. Feels like this is going to be a long one dammit. Ha ha. We will not be going over them in the order listed above though. We are going to do it in my order of importance not theirs. By theirs, I feel that companies are concerned with customer service above all else. Me being a guy that turns wrenches have very little time for customer service. I get dinged every year in my eval. More below. Read more

February 8th Tool Giveaway

IMG_20150103_020852Okay, in this case multimeter giveaway would be more appropriate probably. Way, way back, like a month ago, I wrote that the plan was to buy a tool here and there with the intent of reviewing it and then giving it away to one of you awesome people.

The first drawing was for the Amprobe AM-510 meter, which after reviewing it, turned out to be a good feeling meter. I waited until midnight as 2/8 rolled in to be fair to any last minute members lol, and then closed it down. When you guys sign up as members it adds your username to a list and assigns a number. For example, I have a “test” member, the site assigned “him” as #1. You dig?

So, you all have numbers assigned. In total, there is a massive 12 members. I take up 2 of those spots with my tester and a personal one. Of course I didn’t include my numbers. This left 10 members and their numbers. I went to a random number generator and had it pick one between 3-12. We have a winner.

This person already knows they won, I emailed them yesterday. Psst  – haven’t heard back. And if I don’t, we’ll pick a new number. The winner of the first free tool giveaway, the AM-510, goes by the username SMBrooks81. Woo hoo. Nice. Like I wrote him yesterday, shipping is on my dime within reason in the U.S. Not to some tree fort or cave, or the boonies like Alaska.

Anyways, thanks for signing up and becoming members. I know you also had to withstand a plethora of emails, like 1 or 2 maybe?

Quick mention of the members/numbers/odds though, you can see a huge increase in odds if you do one extra thing – like share any post on Facebook or get a friend from work to sign up. Doing so, and letting me know, ups your chances. Especially now with fewer members. Take a look.

We had 10 people this time. You had a 1 in 10 shot or 10% chance at winning the meter. Yeah? Let’s say you did get a friend to sign up. That would make 11 people but now you have 2 shots while everyone else still has the one. You now have a 2 in 11 shot or 18% chance while everyone else now drops to 9%. I for sure want to make sure you get credit if you do go above and beyond by sharing, referring, whatever – make sure you let me know via email, message, or comment.

After some advice from a co-worker who suggested that I stick with multimeters, the next one is already done and up. It is for the Innova 3320 multimeter, and you can check it out in more detail using that link. The plan is to give that one away March 8th, a month from now.

If you have any suggestions or ideas to make this better or cooler, I’m open. Peace out home slices, have a great Monday. Congrats SMBrooks81!

Building A Simple Motor Direction Tester

build motor direction tester

A simple motor directional tester.

Has this happened to you? Have you ever removed a motor from like a fan, waited a couple days, and then forgotten how to wire it so that it rotated properly, clockwise or counter clockwise? I have, plenty o’ times which is why I assembled this stupid and simple little tester for around $10.

Not much is more frustrating than installing a new motor into its frame, wiring it up, turning it on and then seeing it spin in the wrong direction. Because then you have to turn it off, disconnect the stubborn wires again, and remove it from the frame. And then reverse the procedure to re-assemble it. Fun times.

Here is what sometimes happens to me.

I will find a motor that needs to be replaced. Maybe because of the way it’s installed, or maybe because it’s cold out I don’t feel like making trips, for whatever reason, I remove the motor. Almost always I will crudely draw out the wiring diagram when removing it for ease of installation later. There are times when I forget to note which way it is wired to rotate, other times it takes so long to get parts by the time I do, I have forgotten.

The motor directional tester here is for 120V and below but you can make them rated for whatever you want as long as the components you use are rated for it, like 600V, etc.

Not only will this motor tester show you the direction you have it wired to spin, it can also show you if the motor is good or bad period. There should be a few pics to look at to help you along in building your own. It’s fairly convenient and it fits easily coiled up inside my tool box. Click ahead to check it out. Read more

Welcome New Members Woo Hoo!

Yes indeed, everyone read that right. The site has had two new members join in the last couple of days which is awesome. There isn’t going to be much to this blog post, maybe a more personal, regular one rather than some type of training. I feel like I have been churning out some posts at a decent rate but today I don’t necessarily feel like thinking ha ha. Just feel like writing. Barely.

I know I will go over at least two items. I have come to a decision on the date for giving away the multimeter and then a quick plea for some help from you people, if you feel like it. Then maybe any other rant I may have at the end if I’m not tired of typing. How cool would it be to actually have one of those birds from The Flintstones that pecked stuff out as you talked?

Anyways, I’m sure a lot of you are curious as to when the meter will be given away. Soon grasshopper. Read more

Free Tool Drawing & Giveaway

tool raffleYep. You read that right. Free tool drawing and giveaway for all site members. Existing and new. You might be kind of confused, and just want to know how to enter so you could win a free tool. In a nutshell, you need to sign up. You must become a member (free) of buildingengineertraining.com. That is it.

Quickly, here is how it will work (at first):

  1. Mr. Building Engineer Training (me) buys a tool or product to review.
  2. Tool or product gets delivered to me.
  3. I’ll review the item – open it, take pics, write about it.
  4. After a month or two, random numbers will be assigned to all members.
  5. A drawing will be held, whatever number comes up, gets the item.

Yes, This is a Bribe

Why am I bribing you?

Because I want members! I want people to read the content, engage with each other, the site, and me. It would be awesome if you guys thought of someone else like a friend or co-worker that could benefit from maybe winning the tool that we’re giving away and shared it.

Now, I’m not going to ask you to share it on Facebook or Twitter… okay that would be cool if you did too.

I would like to gain an audience that is into tools, repairs, maintenance just as much as me. We can talk about it, come up with topics together, and hopefully more. Read more

Why Evacuating A Building Is Hard

evacuating a high rise buildingHow many of you work in a tall building such as a high rise or skyscraper? What about maybe a medium sized office building like 5-10 floors? Have you ever sat back at your desk or whatever and really thought about how you’d get out if you really had to? It’s important to know. Imagine an actual disaster where every single person inside your building had to get out. At once.

The new hires who don’t know their way around the office, the elderly people that move a tad slower, the hyper office team that is always shouting and pointing – they all have to get out. A 40 story building can have what, at least a thousand people?

I received this alert from the Googs in my email a while ago and wanted to share the content with you guys. This post here is not a procedure on evacuating a building but rather why evacuating a building can be so difficult. And that should point out why you should have a plan.

Evacuating a building isn’t just hard for properties with multiple floors either. Picture some hospitals. Most are just a few stories, three or four. But it is also full of patients in beds, on machines, children. Trying to empty out any building, a hospital, school, office, is challenging. Read more

Building Engineer Job Description

building engineer job descriptionYou must have been trying to find a building engineer job description yeah? It’s a good thing you came here to learn more. Why? I’ve been in building engineering for almost 20 years and held a variety of random titles along the way. This isn’t going to be like all of the other posts you’ve probably found everywhere else, the ones that just list stuff or building engineer job description articles that you can just tell were copied and pasted from some other site.

For this post we are going to first give a building engineer job description, one of the generic ones. Then a short and sweet building engineer job description based on my own experiences. After that are some actual job ads from three different places describing what these employers are looking for when seeking actual building engineers. Finally, I think we’ll wrap it up by simply listing some basic skills, trades, or knowledge you should have when looking into a career in this field.

It’s sometimes fun, it can also sometimes be hard work. Where you work also plays a role, not only location but also the industry – commercial, private, healthcare, production. Building engineers are everywhere.

Also note, that this is about building engineering in regards to maintaining buildings, facilities, properties. Not the actual engineering of buildings, but the engineering of the operation of the systems behind them running everything. With that, let’s get into what you came here for, a building engineer job description. Read more

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