Ideal Wire Stripper Review

ideal wire stripper

My Ideal wire stripper from my pouch.

A perfect set of wire strippers to me only needs a few requirements:

  • Ergonomic for my hand.
  • Work efficient.
  • Ease of use.
  • Insulated

This exact Ideal wire stripper meets those needs plus it simplifies your task and hey, it kind of sounds cool ha ha. More on that below.

Sure there are plenty of different kinds of wire strippers – the coaxial kind, the type for Romex, and then even the conventional straight pull type, which is in one of these guldang pictures around here. as well. My favorite kind, and yours should be too is this Ideal wire stripper.

Everyone at work that I’ve converted to this type has loved it and wondered why they waited. It becomes almost like a machine in your hand when you get good with it. You start stripping so many wires that you can look at the wire size and just know where to put it into the Ideal wire stripper.

Then you just line it up, squeeze, and she’s done. Simple as that. Some little insulation bit gets stripped off and usually flung onto the floor. No more pulling, twisting, straining even to strip a wire. And with the Ideal wire stripper, you can strip a wire with less room because you don’t need to actually hold the wire when you do it. The tool crimps down for you ahead of where it will strip, pre-measured.

Anyways, keep on reading if you’d like to check out my Ideal wire stripper review. Actually I don’t know how much of a review it is as much as it is a story about why I like them.

But I wanted to give you guys the lowdown on what I feel is easily the best wire stripper hands down.  It’s the Ideal wire stripper model you see above, and below.  The one above is my very own from my tool pouch.

ideal wire stripper review

Both wire strippers from my pouch.

Quick story

When I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s, I wasn’t really allowed to touch my father’s tools.  If he lost one ever, he would come storming into the house, shouting which one of my friends I sold it to.  This was before the days of crack and meth, nobody was just buying tools.  Especially in the woods.

My dad had a set of wire strippers just like this one.  I would steal peeks at it sometimes.  It was SO COOL.

You didn’t even have to PULL on the wire.  This style of wire stripper holds the wire for you, reducing hand fatigue.  You simply line up the wire with the proper size (it gives you like 6 choices – all side by side,) and gently squeeze the handles.

First the backside of it pinches the wire for you.  Then the cutter automatically comes down as you squeeze, it picks the length you fed through, and cuts it very neatly there.  It’s very simple.

Plus it makes a really cool sound because of the spring, almost like a gun cocking.  Chk chk.  Is that it?

I will say that this kind of wire stripper could be overkill for the homeowner that doesn’t do a ton of electrical projects that involve stripping wire.

best wire strippers

best wirestrippers

This type of wirestripper is perfect if you are doing a bunch of wiring.

The reason I say that is because it is a little more pricey ($30) and unless you are doing a home project where you are really going to be re-wiring a bunch of stuff and risk having your hand get sore and tired using conventional wire strippers, it may not be worth it to you.

If you think your hand will get tired from pulling and cutting at home or at work, then this Ideal wire stripper is probably perfect.

Another drawback to this kind is that it doesn’t cut the wire.  This doesn’t matter to me though because you should have already checked the circuit dead and probably have used a set of dikes or lineman’s pliers to cut the wire.

Everyone needs a set of wire strippers around the house – just in case.

More story

After leaving the house, I didn’t see this style again until my later 20’s.  Not in the Navy, not at a huge medical center, but at a downtown high rise in Seattle.  As building engineers we were expected to do it all.  We had a standard of everything being repaired within 24 hours.

Sometimes we would have to re-wire entire VAV (variable air volume) boxes at the drop of a hat.

building engineer tools

The tool pouch they gave all of us Engineers when we first started.

One of my partners was an anal guy, slightly older than me.  When he took a cover off of a VAV box he would cringe if the wires were messy.  And I don’t mean even a good length, twisted neatly and concealed.  I mean Wil would cringe if the wires weren’t the EXACT length.

Most guys would knock out a box in an hour or two.  If you were paired up with Wil, hello 6 hour job.

Our very first VAV box together, he pulled this exact set of wire strippers from his tool pouch.  As soon as I handled them, I remembered my Dad’s nearly exact set.  It felt good.

Wil used them to get the wires exactly the right length.  He would hold the wires up, get them close, cut them, and then use these to strip them and apply the butt connectors.  When he was done with a box though, there was no fumbling with any wires, trying to make things fit.

You can see the wirestrippers right up front.

You can see the wirestrippers right up front.

He had done that as he went along.  The wires couldn’t be in the way because he didn’t let them have any wiggle room.  Pro tip.

After I saw, fondled, and reminisced about them, he basically made me order a pair.  And I have carried them ever since.  13 years?  Dang son.  And I have a separate set at home lol. You never know… You can check out this kick ace set of wire strippers at Amazon by clicking here.

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