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To satisfy the thousands of requests from the loyal readers, I finally updated and fixed the about me page. I’ve had the site up now for almost a year and thought it was time ha ha.

Who am I you ask? Who is this guy trying to write all this stuff down and make me smart?

Me. That’s who.

Let’s see…

Me - caught crabs.

Me – caught crabs.

I’m Steve and I started messing around with websites in August of 2010 kind of as a hobby.  Prior to that, I had absolutely zero experience doing anything in regards to websites.  I got an email somehow about internet marketing, which I had never heard of, and thought, wow, I can do that and make money!  Well way easier said than done.

I don’t make any money but I do spend a lot of time trying to improve this site.  The way I figure it, I probably get paid like negative dollars per hour, lol.

I like sharing ideas and concepts with others, I think in my other life I should’ve been a teacher.

In real life

I’m a stationary engineer.  I basically take care of all the operating systems a building requires.  I have a boiler’s license as well as refrigeration.  In the past, I have held an electrical license as well as one for fire sprinkler systems.  I am a big hands on guy.  I build things and usually have some project going.  I am very handy and do everything around my house and car myself.  I’ll tile floors or install wood flooring.  I can build fences and cut down trees.  I have a garage full of every tool a guy could want and sometimes I’ll just go out there and look at them.

Personal Info:

I played every sport known to man growing up, my parents were big on staying active.  I took gymnastics when I was little.  I guess my next sport was swimming which we did for several years.  Then I started wrestling in grade school, I was maybe around 9 or 10.  I continued wrestling all the way up until college and then did intramural at college (I wasn’t that good.)  But back to my youth, besides wrestling, I also played baseball for 4-5 years, football for 2, soccer for 3, basketball for 3.

Right now I’ve got a kickarse dog that keeps me going.  We go to the park at least 4x a week, he runs in front of my speeding bicycle the whole time.  He is a German Shepard mix and he is a monster.


My submarine logo

My submarine logo

I went to a public school through the 6th grade and then a private school from 7-12th.  Then college.

I joined the Navy where I was in the nuclear engineering department aboard a Trident submarine.  I got out, honorably, in my mid 20’s and went to work as an engineer for a hospital in Seattle.

I started at the ground level and offered to do anything.  To learn, to kill time, and to get my hands dirty.  I just moved up and up.  After about 2 years there I made it to Maintenance Engineer I – you could do anything on a shift.

One commute home, a fellow passenger mentioned something about this commercial real estate/property developer/manager hiring, also in Seattle.  The guy said it was way more engineering type work and they paid more.  Bonus.  I applied.  No joke, it was almost like the military getting in there.

Not the security but the background stuff before they hired you.  They wanted movers and shakers, outside of the box thinkers, people committed to a Standard (capitalized on purpose.)

They only wanted people that wanted to learn, grow, move up, and be in charge of their next $200 million building.  Seriously.  Think about that.  Think about the responsibility.  It was awesome.

For example, the first criteria was that Wonderlic test.  The same one they give to NFL players and sometimes glorify or crucify based on their scores (test yourself here – friggin’ awesome & stressful to compare.)  My score from right now should be in that graphic.  I’m going to keep taking it all day to improve it :-).  To justify it, I took the 3:00 version, not the full.  Full later lol.

I began there as a Journeyman Engineer, it was an actual trade there.  2 year program with weekly training at the Union hall, plus in house training, testing, and supervision requirements.  It was a 42 story structure built in 1980 – water flowing up and down hundreds of feet of piping, thousands of cubic feet of air being moved every minute through all 42 floors.  18 high speed elevators.

The engineers there did it all, virtually no contractors.  A person learned a lot.  I got to skip most of the 2 year official trade training due to my nuclear Navy and the previous 2 years.  I did still have to meet the company engineering qualification standards though.  By doing this, the company ensured that all of their engineers would run future buildings the same way, and hold it to the same standards.  Flow downhill like water Danielsahn, or like poop too.

Soon I was the Assistant Engineering Manager!  Like 2 years.  There was the Chief Engineer and then me.  I was still young.  Unfortunately my marriage was near the end and it was a stressful time.  It ended abruptly and my whole personal and work schedule had to change like over a weekend.

Me & my youngest son on  the porch at my parents house.

Me & my youngest son on the porch at my parents house.

Suddenly I was taking care of (trying to) 2 young boys half the time.  I’m not one of those weekend Dad’s.  My commute was 2 hours one way – my weeks with the boys became 18 hours crazy days.  My parents saved my ass.

Let’s get back on track here before I put my entire biography up here.  I began feeling guilty for this great company.  Here they were basically giving me all of this stuff and only asking for hard work in return.  They were very family oriented.  They catered to my every single parent need and way more.

Still, I felt guilty having to leave before EVERYONE else EVERY day every other week.  They had kids too you know?  Because I was single I was entitled to more time than them?

About 2 years after that, a new, well established construction company made it known they were looking to get into building engineering management.  I got an email basically recruiting me to see if I’d like to hear them out and come for an interview.  I did.

I was to be the first engineer hired for this company to oversee a facility.  It was a brand new science facility on the edge of a classic lake in oldish Seattle.  All of the equipment was new, I was the man in charge, and it paid more money.  Yes please.

So then I did that.  I ran that facility from the very start for 2 years.  I set up everything for that place – the operating budget, the initial tool loadout, all of the key management system, contracts, digital controls.  Again I learned a lot.

Engineering insider tip:

Don’t ever agree to be on call if you are on salary.

Next, my ex decided we all had to move to TN.  Here I rot.  Just kidding but not really.


You see those ads with the dog running through the woods?  Duke eats him.

You see those ads with the dog running through the woods? Duke eats him.

I operate this site.  Me.  I send emails from my personal gmail account.

I will do my best to not recommend anything that I feel is a rip-off.  I am a pretty honest guy and want to build a relationship with the readers of this site.

But because I do want to try and earn a small side income from here, I do use things like Google Analytics which tells me if a user clicked one of my links or ads.  It doesn’t tell me who you are specifically, I just know that someone say clicked this link today.  By using programs like this, I can make my site better for all of us.  Again, this stuff doesn’t invade your privacy or anything.

My contact info is as follows:

Steve Larsen

stevenelarsen@gmail.com, or admin@buildingengineertraining.com


If you have any questions regarding the content in this website, about the products that are mentioned, or just any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d also love to hear any feedback on the site if you’ve found it helpful or have some ideas about how I can improve the site in some way.

I will reply to all messages as soon as possible.


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